Saturday, May 28, 2011

Be Marry

This is my grandma's wedding dress! I was so excited to wear this to school! I was waiting only for the right pair of shoes to turn up. When I saw these boots last weekend at an antique sale, I knew I had to own them, especially because I hadnt had cowboy boots since I was around nine years old. While I have been away, Lauren and I have both tried out for another dance team. I am so excited to see what level we end up on(I am hoping for advanced)! As soon as I find out, you guys will be the first to know!

While it is on my mind, I have started adding bracelets on the blog, so please check them out, and be sure to email me with any questions! I just have to share this story. A boy in my class was looking through my bracelets that sell for eight dollars, and just barely, I noticed that I couldnt find one of them. I opened the bag that was holding them and a dollar fell out. Can you believe him? I was wondering why he was holding a stupid dollar while he was looking through them. I was hoping he would spend that dollar, but on a bracelet that was worth a dollar!

Dress- courtessy of grandma; boots- thrifted; necklace- thrifted

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