Monday, May 28, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • Golly, I don't even know how many days of blogging I have missed due to computer problems.  
  • Said computer problems are the reason I have been absent.  Again.
  • My mom and sister went out of town this weekend so it has just been me and my dad!
  • So, there was an accident with my hair and I now have a completely new hairstyle!  It is about time, because I was getting very bored!
  • I have finally seen The Avengers!  It was really good!
  • Two more days of school!  Well, school ended for me a month ago.  And I have been skipping random classes all last week.  But I just have two yearbook days and SUMMER!
  • I feel like a pink barbie doll thanks to my hair!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • School is so so close to ending!  I am so ready for this summer!
  • I am taking summer school Geometry by choice.  That is right.  I didn't fail any classes. I am doing this so I don't have to take an entire year of Geometry.  So when school starts I will skip to Algebra 2!
  • Remember the skirt I wore yesterday?  See it here.  During first period I sneezed and you know what happened?  I popped the two eye hooks off of it!  So the skirt in the pictures is ripped and needs to be fixed.  It was the ice cream cone I ate the day before that helped tighten it enough, I know it.
  • I was told that I have the coolest clothes and wear the prettiest dresses.  I love compliments!
  • This week I went to a woman's house and got so many wonderful vintage treasures!  I love all of the clothes and fabric I got to take home with me for free!
  • I went on my first bike ride of the summer!  I am so excited for all of the bike rides to come with Anna!
  • I went to a stag dance last night and had a blast!
  • I went to estate sales and garage sales for the first time in ages!  I have gotten some pretty cute stuff!
  • I didn't come home from the dance until about 1am and woke up this morning at 7am to go to estate sales.  I am sort of running on low today.

Friday, May 18, 2012

What I Wore: 5-18-12

 It was such a sad windy day!  I had no idea when I left for school this morning. Had a known of the wind I would have chosen a different outfit.  I have been known to have more than my fair share of not-so-glamorous Marilyn Monroe moments.

 This shirt and skirt were more scores from the house I have told you about in the last two posts!

 Vintage skirt- estate sale
vintage shirt- estate sale
shoes-Cotton on
vintage earrings- estate sale

 There is a good example of a not fantastic Marilyn Monroe moment.  I  do not see any form of glamour in this picture.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I Wore: 5-17-12

 This is the first of the dresses I got on Monday! It is so beautiful!  A funny story comes with this dress.  The daughter of the woman who's house is being cleaned out gave this dress to my little sister, Avery.  She thought it was a little girl's dress but when Avery tried it on when we got home it was too big.  It was.  It was meant for a lady because it had a space for boobs that fell flat on her!  So I sneaked it on because I was told it was not for me because I would rip the seams.  It fits wonderfully. Not too small or too big!  Take that world.  Too bad my mom said it is still Avery's dress.

I feel like such a cool lady in this dress!  So girly and fun!
 So... this is my fail of trying to do a close up of the collar.  I was supposed to cut my  head out of the shot.  So have an up-the-nose picture of me instead (:
 Vintage dress-Lets call it an estate sale(:
Vintage earrings-estate sale
Vintage purse-estate sale

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

List of Ten: Things You May (not) Know About Me

  1. I will change my clothes around three times a day.  Not including getting ready for the day.  That could add so many more times.
  2. I love to ride bikes.  I need a new one so I will stop stealing my mom's!  A vintage Schwinn would be ideal!
  3. I am awful at math.  I am in 10th grade and am taking Algebra 1 for the third year in a row.
  4. I am currently using three closets, two dressers, and a rack in my basement for clothing storage.  That may indicate that I love clothes.  Or that I have a serious problem.
  5. I am sixteen and don't have a driver's license.  I cannot wait to drive myself all over the place!
  6. I would rather have a closet full of vintage clothes than new clothes from the store.  Old clothes hold so much more character and no one ever wears the same thing!
  7. I cannot sew well but I will because I am taking four sewing classes next year!  I can finally use my vintage patterns I collect!
  8. I have just as many oldies on my ipod as I do any other genre.  They are all so happy and fun!
  9. I love hot chocolate!  I will drink it any time I am offered it!
  10. I sell vintage clothes!  I sell them out of my house right now, but I am going to have a boutique as soon as I can!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Wore: 5-15-12

 Today was an incredible day!  It started off with me waking up to not insane messed-up hair.  I slept on it wet and expected it to be a nightmare. Not so, dear readers! Pahahaha success!

This is an outfit that belonged to my grandma before she gave it to me with the rule that I had to wear it to school! I love it so!  I still cannot believe it has escaped my blog for this long.

vintage skirt & shirt- my grandma's
vintage pearl earrings- estate sale
vintage pearl bracelets-estate sale
Yesterday I was absent because right after school I went to a woman's house that if full of so many beautiful treasures!  She is in her 90s and her daughter is trying to clean out her house.  When I say she had collections, I mean she had tons and tons of things.  Like doubles of $200 shoes from 1950.  And a room so full of vintage fabric you could barely walk in it.  Lets not even get started on her old clothes.  I died inside looking at them!  Any way, I was there because she is friends with one of my aunts and she called my mom and told her to bring my sister and me to see if there was anything we wanted.  I left with a car full with vintage clothing and fabric!  I cannot wait to wear them!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What We Wore: Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!  I hope you all have an amazing day!

 Glory.  My mom wanted pictures of me and my sister for Mother's Day.  I told her I wouldn't take any more until I could get some of her.  It is Mothers Day.  Not daughters day.

 Shirt- my moms
vintage necklaces-thrifted
vintage rings-thrifted
Mimi's Cafe was having a tough time today!  They put us in a table that was reserved so they had to move us.  They gave my mom the wrong drink, which in itself, isn't really a big deal but it adds to the funny troubles they had.  They delivered our food to the wrong table.  The pancakes they gave my dad were burnt so they took them back and sent new pancakes.  The new pancakes were black.  I had a wonderful time laughing!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I Wore: 5-12-12

 Glory!  It's a weekend!  I was quite the lazy bum today.  I didn't get ready for the day until it was almost six pm!  I went to a family barbecue and ate lots of yummy food and got to visit with my grandparents who came down from St. George for the weekend!

 I have tied my hair.  Remember the crazy long hair wraps I did here?  Well this is similar.  That little butterfly is a broken earring that I attached to my wrap. I actually want to let it turn into a real literal dread lock.  But with my mother I know she will make me take it out before that happens.   I am getting bored with my hair all over again.  Can I have just one dread lock? Pink hair?  Something!?
Necklace-estate sale
assorted rings-thrifted
assorted bracelets-thrifted

It's the Little Things

  • This week led to the first spiders and flies in my room.  WHY!?
  • This morning the flies described above woke me up at 7am.
  • Last night I went to see Dark Shadows with Anna's family!
  • I accidentally dropped the lid to their fancy movie cups during the movie and after we spent ten minutes trying to find it!  Guess where is was?  Right where we looked at least twenty times.
  • I got my PLAN testing back and I did really well!
  • I have finished City of Lost Souls!  It was so good!  And frustrating!  I loved it!
  • I can add yet another bruise to my collection-because I tried to go down a slide and missed.  Don't ask how.  Just know that this is my first time ever doing it. And hopefully my last.  
  • My other bruises came from falling down the stairs twice this week and walking into the corner of my bed post.  You could say I am clumsy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore: 5-9-12

 Happy May everyone!  It is scaring me how fast this year has gone by.  Especially since March!  I feel like my birthday was a couple weeks ago!  Pretty soon I am going to be starting my junior year in high school and I know I will have no idea where my summer went.  Listen to me - I am complaining summer has ended before it has even started.  Oh dear.

 shirt-Forever 21;
skirt- D.I.
vintage earrings- estate sale;
This weather has been absolutely glorious today!  Especially compared to the wind we had for one week straight!  I was preparing myself to shave my head if my hair blew in my lip gloss one more time!  I have to say how excited I am to have gotten my new book CITY OF LOST SOULS!!!! I have been waiting a full year for this book to come out!  It actually came out yesterday and I was dying when I saw people reading it in class. Yes.  I get that excited over books. No, I was not one of those crazy Twilight girls.  Never was, never will be.  But for the Mortal Instruments series?  I think yes.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What I Wore: TO PROM!

If you have heard how lucky I am to have gone to prom, you can read on. If not, you can keep reading this! I was not asked to my school's prom.  Anna, the girl I went to St. George with, was asked by a family friend.  He had a best friend who wanted to go, but didn't have a date.  She told him to ask me because I really wanted to go!  So he looked me up on Facebook, and decided to ask me!

You will have to excuse my super photo dump!  

1950s vintage prom dress-vintage clothing store
vintage pin-estate sale
vintage purse-D.I.
vintage necklace-estate sale
vintage earrings-estate sale