Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday's Style: 9-30-12

Today I have spent a good amount of time sketching, and doing embroidery.  I am definitely spending a lot more time on artwork than I have in the past because of my AP art class.  I think it is a good thing except all of my drawings have been pen and ink and line drawings.  That does not exercise a ton of skill I should be focusing on.

 Vintage dress- Estate sale
Vintage belt- D.I.
Vintage shoes- Estate sale
Vintage necklace- My great-grandma's
Vintage purse- Estate sale

What I Wore: 9-29-12

 My mom, sister and I went to Gardener Village!  I love it there so much! This is the first Fall/Halloween activity we have done so far!  This is always a fun place to go to because of all of the boutiques.  I was so sad to find out that all but one of my favorite stores with antiques and vintage clothes were gone!  The biggest of the antique stores is still there, luckily.

I found a vintage dress in a window display and it was so cool!  It got even better when I saw the price.  A very small $25!!  I asked my (mom's) friend Amy, who works there if there was anything wrong with it.  It was in beautiful condition!  Too bad it was way huge on me when I tried it on!  I am just excited to have a paying job that is going to fund my vintage clothing store.  I will have so much!

 Vintage dress- Savers
Vintage Cardigan- Estate sale
Vintage belt- Estate sale
Vintage earrings- Estate sale

Every Halloween Gardener Village puts up witches all over!  This one was robotic!  She sways back and forth with the hula hoop.  She is definitely my favorite because I am a hula hooping veteran.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What I Wore: 9-28-12

 I recently bought this shirt from Target.  I love it oh so very much despite the fact that it goes against my entire vintage-dress-style.

 Denim button up-Target
Vintage pocket watch (necklace)- Antique mall

It's the Little Things...

  • Last weekend I went camping with some of my best friends!  It was so fun to just sit around a camp fire (that I proudly started) and just talk.  I learned some very interesting things about some of them!
  • We came home smelling like smoke and crashed on my friend's couch and didn't leave it for hours because we watched the first and second season of Arrested Development, which is hilarious!
  • I procrastinated my AP art projects until last second.  They look awful!  The biggest problem for me is trying to like or enjoy drawing for these stupid projects.  I don't like the assignments.
  • No sewing teacher!  Ah!  I am not good enough to just go without help. Yet.  So my dress that I want to show you so badly is not yet finished.
  • I went to work and didn't get home until almost midnight!  This is big for me because I am an in bed by nine-thirty type gal.
  • I woke up at 9:30!  This is another crazy thing because I am an early riser.
  • I am currently eating Olive Garden Fettucini Alfredo leftovers for breakfast.  It tastes even better the second day!
  • Listening to Angus and Julia Stone Pandora Radio to attempt waking up slowly.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I took a sick day

 I haven't felt well the last couple of days so I stayed home from school yesterday and today.  During that time I have watched tons of movies, read many blog posts, and tried my hand at embroidery.  I want to be able to do any craft out there!
Here I am in my pajamas!  I saw my dog wandering around in the street when I took this picture.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekly Craft: Another Crocheted Blanket

I have been working very hard on my next craft project over the last few weeks.  I had gotten so far and so sick of this flower pattern when I realized that I have been crocheting with two different shades of white yarn.   Goodness!  Because I am a perfectionist, I am probably going to scrap  half of the squares and continue working in one of the two shades of white.  Because I am a bit upset with this project I  think I am going to take a break and start something new first.

What I Wore: 9-26-12

My friends and I agreed that yesterday was sweater weather( sweather weather for me because I can't say those two words together).  So we all wore sweaters.  It felt so good during the mornings and in the freezing classrooms.  But it ended up being a little too warm by lunch time.

How cool is this necklace I found at an estate sale!?  I wear it all the time but I have failed until today to mention that it is actually a hidden magnifying glass!

 Vintage cardigan- Estate sale
Vintage earrings-Estate sale
Jeggings- Nordstrom
DIY shoes- See here!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Wore: 9-25-12

 My mom hates these tights.  I just wanted the world to know.  It's okay though because I love them! I found them at Target in the kid's section.  I love the kid's section.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put on my light pink moccasins for the outfit post.  I also unfortunately stepped in gum three different times today.  While I was eating lunch, I bent over and accidentally dipped my bow in tomato soup.  Who, other than me, does this happen to!?

 Shirt- Dear Lizzy Boutique
Skirt- D.I.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

List of Ten: Things I wish I was Better at.

  1. I really wish I was better at being a consistent blogger.  I post a ton, then nothing at all( I blame my computer problems...)
  2. I wish I was a master crocheter.  I am on my way to success!
  3. I wish I was better at not procrastinating.  I really am an awful procrastinator.  
  4. I wish I could be a great photographer!  I, sadly, am not.
  5. I wish I could be better at doing my AP art homework.  I hate it way too much.  (Is this the same as procrastination?)
  6. I wish I was better at keeping my room clean.  It is a disaster and it drives me insane!
  7. I wish I was better at not spilling food all over.  I am so clumsy and messy.  Meal times are always entertaining.
  8. I wish I were better at managing my time.  Mostly I spend my time on pinterest.  
  9. I wish I were better at working out.  I am a lazy bum.
  10. I wish I were better at hair.  Honestly, doing my hair is the worst part of getting ready.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Its the Little Things

  • Let's see... I got a job!  Woo!
  • I got lost driving to said job last night... I showed up an hour late...
  • It is a long weekend!  I have so many amazing plans!
  • And I have to, of course, thank my grandpa for getting my computer fixed!  I love you!

What I Wore: 9-21-12

 I found these pants a while back at Savers.  My mom dragged me to the jeans section convinced that she could make me wear jeans more.  And guess what I found instead?  These gems!
 Shirt- Forever 21
Vintage pants- Savers
Vintage necklace- estate sale

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekly Craft: 9-20-12

I am back!  I have missed my blog horribly!  I want to show you guys what I have been working on:  I finally finished my crocheted granny square blanket!  I am so happy and proud of myself for finishing a crocheted project!  Now that I have done this, I feel like I can crochet anything! ...well... We will see.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bad News.

I have been fighting with my computer for the last couple of months.  Today was the day my computer won the fight.  It breaks my heart to know that I don't know how long I might be away from my blog.  Please be patient.  I know I will try to be.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Wore: 9-4-12

 My mom and I were on Pinterest for what must have been a couple hours a few nights ago just looking at pretty outfits and makeup and hair.  I am a Pinterest fanatic.  One trend that my mom and I both love were socks with shoes.  We also noticed that this is something that I rarely do.  So the challenge for yesterday's outfit was to wear socks in a cute way.  Was it a success?

 Shirt- Kohls
Skirt- Kohls
Blazer- Kohls
Shoes- Forever 21
Vintage necklace- Estate sale
Socks- K Mart

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

List of Ten: Foods I love

I am a huge lover of food.  I think it is just great.  The trouble is, like most people, my favorite foods are not ones that I could live off of.  Very few are actually healthy.

  1. Pie-I love pie!  My favorites are pecan and frozen lemonade!
  2. Caramel apples- The best caramel apple has caramel, white chocolate, and crushed Oreos.  Is anyone else drooling?
  3. Ice Cream- I love ice cream cones.  They are just too good to not eat every day.
  4. Crazy Bread- The crazy bread from Little Ceasers is so good.  I would totally buy it and leave without pizza.
  5. Brownies-I like the middle pieces that are still gooey!
  6. Fettuccine alfredo- Olive Garden, anyone?
  7. Cheeseburgers- I used to hate them up until a year ago and now I could eat them for every meal!
  8. Smoothies-Finally something healthy!  I love smoothies!  They are one of my favorite breakfasts!
  9. Apples- Apples are the best fruit ever.  And oranges.  and strawberries.  I just love fruit!
  10. Salad- I like healthy ones and unhealthy ones.  I love Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad (healthy) and Cafe Rio's Chicken salad (VERY unhealthy).

Flaming Gorge Summer 2012

 I finally made my way up to Flaming Gorge!  It really is one of my favorite family vacation spots.  I hadn't been in years so it really was so fun to go up and remember all of the tiny details I had forgotten over the years like the rainbow cord that you tied the tubes to when we went boating, the cowboy boot shower curtain, and just how much you eat when you go down!

My aunt makes every meal!  My favorites are always her breakfasts because she pretty much makes anything you could ask for. So. Good!
 Avery went fishing for the first time!  I am amazed that she likes it so much because she can never sit still!

This is my cousin and Avery after he helped her reel in her first fish!
 We went garage sale-ing! I got tons of yarn and my sister got a really nice fishing pole for free!
We went boating!  I think this was my favorite part of the entire trip!

 I am a beginner wake-boarder but I still love it!  I thought it was so cool to see my uncle (second cousin?) to do all sorts of tricks after!

 I also drove a wave runner for the first time!  I took my sister out on them and she won't go out with me on them anymore because she says I am a crazy driver.  This is true.
 After we settled down and my family played cards while I crocheted with my new yarn!