Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Reasons Why:

I make lists.  It is something I have always done, and always will.  This is just another way for me to list things off.
Today I was asked why I strongly dislike winter.  One answer will never do, so here are my ten reasons why:

  1. Winter is cold, and the cold stings.  
  2. Adventures are postponed until the weather is more pleasant.
  3. I trip on air.  Mix slush with slick tile and me in heels.  It is not good.  I actually fell today...
  4. I hate being wet.  Walking to and from the bus stop with snow on the ground leads to soggy socks and pant legs.
  5. I cannot wear my favorite outfit, which happens to be a summer dress.
  6. coloring with side walk chalk is not enjoyable in the cold.
  7. There aren't pretty and bright colors in nature.  
  8. The grass is yellow and crunchy.
  9. I cannot read outside in a swimsuit on grass.  There are many reasons why.
  10. I cannot run around barefoot. During the summer, everything is barefoot.
Does anyone agree with me?  What are your reasons for loving or disliking winter?

Monday, February 27, 2012

What I Wore: 2-27-12

 I have not worn this skirt since the first day of school.  I really went for the nerdy or preppy school girl look.  Looking back, I realize that I really do not post much about my life.  So-whats going on with me?  Unfortunately the reason I do not post about life is because nothing new has popped up in my life at all.  I got my tights for Christmas and have only worn them twice even though they are incredibly cute.  Why?  Because the adult's small is more like a child's small.  I must have looked like my cousin Connor the time he mowed the lawn in his mom's jeans.  Squat and waddle. I ripped them trying to pull them up at school...life.
 I would love to converse more about my uneventful life, but I have to grab my dog to prevent her from chewing on more glass.  Wish me luck!
Button up shirt-D.I.; Sweater-Forever 21; Skirt-Forever 21; Tights-Forever 21; Shoes-Nordstrom; Vintage Necklace-For sale;

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday's Style: 2-26-12

 I felt like I needed a bright outfit to match the mood of my new blog style.  Love!  I am selling this skirt and necklace, so if local friends are interested-call me up!  It has been such a darn long day, I never even had a chance to change until five minutes ago(8:40 p.m.)  I am a YCL (youth camp leader) for girl's camp this summer, and I have already been attending meetings.  I am so excited because it is going to be an incredible year!

 Shirt-Khols; Vintage skirt-for sale; Shoes-Target; Vintage necklaces-for sale;

You May Have Noticed

You have probably noticed the dramatic change in my blog.  I need to change the title as well.  I was just so frustrated with my blog all of the time so I just started over from a blank blog.  I am really happy with the way it turned out!  And so, I guess I owe you a new button:

Cute?  What do you think?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What I Wore: 2-25-12

 Do any friends remember this dress?  This was my grandma's.  She used to wear it in high school!  She gave me all of the old dresses she kept with one rule:  I had to promise to wear them!  Easy deal.  I love it so much!  I recently thrifted a pin and necklace that matches it beautifully!   The pin and necklace are going up for sale.  With all of the recent work on my blog, I have been missing a few posts.  I really want to have a  section of my blog just for the clothes I will sell!
 Dress-Grandma's; Shoes-Kmart; Vintage necklace-Estate sale; Vintage pin-Estate sale;

It's the Little Things...

  • Having so much inventory I do not have a place to keep it!
  • My mom found a vintage makeup travel case!  I super hope she lets me keep it!!
  • I have been getting back into drawing.  Hooray!
  • My best friend Alli is competing out of state today for the school's ballroom team!  Good luck!
  • I took lots of pictures of clothes I am selling with my friend Hannah as the model, but there is something wrong with the memory card!  NO!
  • Sometimes I just feel cute.  I had a few of those days this week and it was oh so lovely.
  • As of this week, The Hunger games, my birthday, and the festival of colors all are in one month! 
  • The Hunger Games comes out on the very morning of my birthday, so I got tickets to the premier as an early present!
  • I have been thinking of changing blogs for some time.  I just get so frustrated and irritated with this one.  Maybe I will just switch up the looks and change the URL.  I know it wouldn't be smart because I would loose viewers who find my blog through its URL, but I think I just need a clean start, and this would be the way to do it because I could keep my past posts.  Thoughts?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday's Style: 2-19-12

 Haha, here is my before picture!
 Vintage Dress- Estate sale; Shoes- Nordstrom; Vintage Necklace- Estate sale;

What I Wore: 2-18-12

 More clothes for sale!  I am selling the skirt and the skirt!  This sweater is so so soft and comfy and the skirt matches wonderfully!

Vintage Shoes- Estate sale; Skirt- for sale; Sweater-for sale; Necklace- borrowed; Vintage Earrings-Garage sale;

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I Wore: 2-17-12

 This is a dress that I am selling.  It has been a very hard decision because I love it too darn much!  It is a 1960s dress.  Be sure to notice my great grandma's giant pearl ring!  I love love love it!  If anyone is interested, I am selling it for $30!  If it does not sell, I will happily take it!

 Dress-for sale; Shoes- Kohls; Vintage pearls- estate sales; giant pearl ring- great grandma's;
Like my galaxy nails?  I was thinking about putting up a tutorial...yes?

It's the Little Things...

  • I added more inventory to my shop!
  • I now own the most beautiful 1960s purse!
  • I finally went through all of my inventory and I have so much!
  • I saw  The Woman in Black with my two friends, Lauren Riley, and Lauren Lewis.  We were basically screaming and all piled in my theater seat.  
  • When I got home from the movie last night, I couldn't get in my bed because everything was still all over, so I slept in my parents bed.  Plus...it was a scary movie!  I am a total wimp when it comes to scary stuff!
  • I started an account on Chictopia!  Everyone do me the favor and take a couple minutes to vote for my outfits!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I Wore: 2-16-12

 I wore four buns in my hair today.  It was a new funky hairstyle for me and I love it!

Cape- Gifted; Vintage necklace-Antique store; Earrings-Charlotte Russe;

What I Wore 2-15-12

 I. Love. This. Hat.  It gets a lot of hate from my family, but everyone else thinks it is a hoot!  It is one of those funny things that just makes winter bear-able.  I know, really bad pun.  I could not resist.

 Dress- Khols; Shoes-Khols; Hat- Claires;

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore: Valentines Day 2012

 Happy Valentines day!  This year I opted for a vintage dress that I found over the weekend!  People at school would keep saying, "Wow, you must love Valentines day."  ...I really don't.  I just love the excuse to dress up!

 Valograms were handed out at school.  You could have the choice of a cookie, flower, or singing telegram. I could hear the school choir singing all the way down the hall!  No one in my class got one, and it is too bad, because I would have loved to see their face!  And if anyone is curious, no, I did not get any valograms.  But I am OK with it.  I sort of knew I wouldn't because I have never gotten them in junior high either.  One might have been nice.  But don't worry, I had a nice day.  Alli and I ate our worries away over some fries and free ice cream.  Nothing is better.


Vintage Dress-antique store; Cardigan- Charlotte Russe; Vintage Shoes- estate sale; Vintage belt-estate sale; vintage necklace- estate sale;

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's the Little Things...

  • Shopping all day!  Oh my word, so many beautiful things!  I cannot wait to post them!  '
  • Going to dinner with my mom, grandma and grandpa!  Then seeing The Vow!  I am not a chick-flick person, but it was good! 
  • While I was waiting for my mom and grandpa to park, a lady took pictures of me and my shoes!  
  • I taught myself how to crochet while I was sick in bed!
  • I started a backpack and bought more supplies to finish it!
  • I bought needles to learn how to knit next!
  • I also bought supplies to make a needlepoint purse!
  • New medicine that completely dried my face out...it burns!!
  • I was drinking hot chocolate in the car on my way home and...we hit a bump.  Chocolate everywhere.  My clothes, hair, and up my nose. Ouch.
Have a happy Valentine's day! XOXO!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have taken a couple sick days off.  I have been sick so much in five weeks!  So, because I confined myself to bed, I got bored after sleeping the morning away.  It was eleven a.m. and my mom was at the store so I was home alone.  So I taught myself how to crochet!  Within the hour I had made my first granny square!  Before I went to bed, I had eight large squares made! Now I am working on little ones.  Here is my photo inspiration!  Too bad it didn't have a tutorial!  I am making it up as I go!

What I Wore: 2-9-12

 Sorry the pictures did not turn out very well (bad llighting)!  I am happy to have Harley in yet another post!
 This next photo was just pure luck.  I have no experience in training my dog to do stupid picture tricks.
shirt-Khols; black jeans-Khols; Boots- Gifted; Earings- Claires;

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Buttons!

Good evening everyone!  Just wanted to share my new buttons with you!  Please feel free to put one up on your blog!

A Year and a Month

 Here are some collages of my first year blogging.  It has gone by so fast, and I love every second of it!  I really have progressed too.  It makes me even more excited to see my blog in three years!

All of these pictures were put together using my favorite posts and outfits.

 Oh ya.  That's why I miss summer.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recent Finds

 It has been a while since I have done a recent finds post!  This is the first time I have had money in a while.  I got some pretty cute stuff!

All of the perfume bottles were 25 cents each except for the top!  I bought that one a while back, but hadn't shared it yet.

I was going to buy this for Hot Diggity, but When I tried it on, I loved it too much.  It is all mine.
I will be selling this necklace.  I love how cute and dainty it is.  Perfect for layering!