Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Real: Life Lately

I have been absent again, I know.  But the last three days I have spent driving for my road test.  At my school, there are three teachers you could get assigned to.  I, unfortunately, for anyone who knows the teachers, got Coach Rice.  He is a very tough cookie.  And he scares me to death.  

One example of why I call him a tough cookie is because he asked me (as I was driving on the freeway), "How much was that iced tea on the sign?" ... I couldn't tell him.  So while driving I started to watch the signs.  "What color was the writing on the hat on the side of the road?" ... again, I could not answer.  "What did you just pass on the side of the road?"  and I could finally give him the right answer!  It was a tractor for sale. "What color was the napkin sitting next to it?"  ... are you kidding me?! The writing and the napkin were both blue for those who were curious.

Today was my final day, and the day of the actual test.  I was convinced  I was going to fail and to tell you the truth, I completely blacked out.  I could not tell you what I did right or wrong.  I cannot remember what I did!  And... guess what?  I passed!  I get my license on Monday (:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Summer Trip to St. George 2012

 I made my first bracelet in over a year!  Look at me in my americana garb!
 This is a vintage how to draw book my grandma gave me.  It is so incredible!  I love looking at all of the old sketches!
 Here is a sketch I did of a girl in a magazine!
 I love this drawing I did! I think the girl looks Greek.  Thank you Nan so much for helping me draw!
 I took Nan (my dad's mom) to Kneaders breakfast for the first time.  She loved it!  We split french toast(my favorite!) and pecan pancakes.  We were so full!
 Yay Nan!
 Here is a print in a thrift store I just loved.  I wanted it so bad but it was too much money! It makes me think of one of my favorite Marilyn Monroe movies!
 I found the coolest vintage shorts ever and Nan bought them for me!  ...Turns out they are too big.
 And as our new tradition, we went to the tea house!  The food is oh so lovely and the hats are so fun to try on!  We all played dress up!
I found a sign.  Oh dear.

I just have to thank my Nan and Papa for letting me spend a week and a half with them!  I love it so much!  I had so much fun going to movies, looking at the car Papa is restoring, drawing, and going out to eat- even with the rat that ran across my feet in McDonalds!  I love you both so so much and I miss you already!

What I Wore: 6-24-12

Yes I did wear my hair in the same style for two days in a row.  I am so sick of it!  it has been pulled up basically every day for three weeks now.  Not that you would know.  Sorry about that.

Right now I just have to mention that there was someone right behind the camera while we were taking pictures.  It was a guy and his adorable puppy.  I stopped to play with the dog of course!  It was very awkward taking pictures with someone watching but is becoming less so because I am starting to do it a little more.  Maybe one day I wont care.  I would care less except the guy totally honked as he drove away.  My face went very red.
 Shirt- Forever 21;
Shorts-Forever 21;
Shoes- Kohls; 
Vintage necklace- Estate sale; 
Vintage Earrings- Garage sale;

What I Wore: 6-23-12

 Gosh.  I am going to scream if my computer shuts off one more time as I try to write this darn post.  I have been back from St. George for over a week now, and have wanted to share some posts but... computer problem after computer problem have prevented me from doing so.

 Vintage dress- Savers;
Vintage belt- Estate sale; 
Vintage shoes- Estate sale;
Vintage bracelet- Estate sale;
Vintage earrings- Estate sale;
Vintage necklace- For sale;

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

List of Ten: Things On and Off my Back to School Shopping List

On:  What I am loving! And Buying!
  1. Vintage 1950s dresses!!
  2. Black maxi skirt
  3. Colored jeans
  4. Combat boots- I plan on hand painting them into something special.
  5. A granny suit.  A good one.
  6. A furry leopard print coat.  
  7. A uniform.  Do I sound crazy?  
  8. A red plaid lumberjack button up.  I need one.
  9. Lace-up Booties
  10. Red lipstick.  Oh ya.
Off:  I am asking  begging my readers to resist.
  1. Please!  No more booty shorts!  I do not want to stare at anyone's bum cheeks.  I am so over daisy dukes!
  2. Pajamas.  No wearing pajamas to school.
  3. Too- small tank tops.  You know what I am talking about.  Where the "girls" are falling out of the tank.
  4. Mullets.  Is this just my school?
  5. Shutter sunglasses.  It just never made sense to me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

List of Ten: Things I am up to

  1. Going to the pool two days in a row!  
  2. Exercising... It is about time!
  3. Still working on that blanket I am crocheting!
  4. Tiny bits of school shopping!  Maybe I need a recent finds post?
  5. Not painting my nails...what is up with that!?
  6. Being lazy and sitting around
  7. Movie night with my friends!
  8. Working on my drawings
  9. Looking at different hair styles.  I am getting bored with mine!
  10. Unpacking.  Torture!  I will put it off as much as possible.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Real: Life Lately

It's Summer everyone!  Life could not get better...or lazier!  I have to confess that I haven't done much.  At all.  I have been sleeping in (that is very scary for me)!  I spend my days watching America's Next Top Model marathons (my favorite of all time is Allison Harvard).  

At least I have started a new project to say I am at least doing something.  I am crocheting a giant granny square blanket!  As I have mentioned before, I taught myself how to crochet when I made my backpack (I finished crocheting it, I just need a machine with a button foot for the lining)!  I love to crochet, but I can't do much.  I cannot read patterns and I can almost assure you that I am doing something wrong.  So if there are friends or family out there that are willing to teach, I would be very happy to learn!

I am taking an AP art class next year!  Basically that means I am taking a college-level drawing class that I get college credit for in high school!  The hard part is getting myself back into drawing because I have to do five sketches/drawings a week.  I haven't drawn a real drawing in ages!  I will admit that I am good when I try, it is just finding the inspiration and my own style to get going.
Can I just say right now, that it was so windy before I left for St. George?  I just took a funny picture of Harley standing in the wind.  I don't think she likes it either.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

List of Ten: Random Things I Love

  1. Old family movies.  I like the funny ones of me when I was little but I really love the old ones of my grandma when she was tiny.  My grandparents have old movies from when my grandma was a little girl and when my mom was a baby.  I love watching all of the fun things my family used to do.  I'm very jealous I missed out!
  2. Record players.  I think they are so fun and interesting.  I would rather have a record player in my room over my stereo.
  3. Vintage nightgowns. They are so pretty and fun.  They are my version of pajamas!  I feel like a princess every time I go to bed!
  4. Pink hair.  I know I talk about it all the time, but it is just too fun.  
  5. Magazines.  I love to look at all of the ads.  If there are cute pictures I like I cut them out and keep them in my style binder.  I have a hundred magazines and hundreds of cutouts.
  6. I Love Lucy.  I have a collection of her greatest episodes and I laugh and laugh.  They are so silly!
  7. Nail polish.  I love painting my nails in fun, unique ways.  I haven't worn nail polish in a couple of weeks. That is very strange for me and I think I should be concerned!
  8. Homemade dresses.  They have a certain charm to them.  I think it is the thought of all of the time a person put into them and how they can put their personality into them too!  The personalized fabric and pattern choices are what make the dress!  I have only sewn one myself with the help of my aunt Jackie, but I buy them all of the time from thrift stores and estate sales!  The older the better!
  9. Homemade icecream.  It tastes so good!  
  10. Taking pictures.  I would love to become a good photographer!  I love putting up pictures on Hot Diggity and using it as my way to remember my life.  This is my form of journaling!

What I Wore: To the Last School Dance

Just one picture for now!  This is a funny picture of my cousin Braden and me before we went to a dance!  Gracious. Look.  It's me without bangs.  I sort of miss being able to air dry my hair.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What I Wore: Last Week

This romper is so bright and colorful!  It makes me oh so happy!  The cardigan is new and I thought it went perfectly!  when fall comes you will see this cardigan a lot.

Vintage Romper- Savers
Vintage cardigan-estate sale
Vintage earrings-estate sale
It has been to stinkin' windy down here!  In almost all of my pictures my eyes are closed or my bangs are in my face!  No matter.  Right now I am in St. George and I can promise that I am having an amazing time!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • I cleaned out my room.   Closets, under my bed, Dressers, everything.  I threw so so much away.  I know I have a problem with keeping things I really don't need for sentimental reasons...but it is so much better! I think I may be over that little habit.
  • I packed for St. George and slightly messed it up again.  Shoot.
  • I have started my drawing assignments for AP Art in a new drawing notebook with new pencils!  
  • My newest project is a crocheted blanket!  I have pictures going up on ye olde blogge soon!
  • I spent Thursday hanging out with my grandparents!  My mom, my sister, and I met up with my grandma to visit my great grandma in the home she is in.  We stayed until after lunch time laughing at all of the silly things she says.  Later we drove to Gardener Village to look around the shops and to eat a late lunch.  When we went to her house after we dropped our things for five minutes to rest and then got back in the car with my grandpa this time to see the camp site we will be staying at next month with a ton of family!  I am so excited now!  All the drive up and back we listened to my grandpa's amazing music collection.  I love the 1950s and 60s music.  So much!
  • I am in St. George right now.  Excellent.  I cannot wait to share all of my fun pictures with you guys!

What I Wore: Lost Photos

I have fallen in love with maxi skirts and dresses.  They are so cute and feel so comfortable when you have a sunburn like I did!  Do I look a little pink to you?  This was the worst sunburn I have had in a year.  It beats out all of last summer's combined (except for one.  That was a nightmare of a sunburn).

I realized as I was writing this, that this is the first time I have actually showed you my new hair.  All the other posts have my hair up or hidden some way!  So here you go.  This is the day after I cut it.
Top-T J Maxx
Maxi Skirt- T J Maxx
Sandals- Kohls

Friday, June 8, 2012

See You Soon!

 I am off to St. George today!  I am so excited to go visit my grandparents who I have missed so so much!  We weren't sure if we could go so I am so excited we can!  Don't worry!  I have lots of posts scheduled so keep coming while I am gone!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

List of Ten: Artists I Listen to

I love music so much!  I sing (probably not so well) all over the house!  Most of my favorite songs just so happen to be oldies!

  1. Angus and Julia Stone- They are one of the few modern day artists that I love so much!  Of course, no one really knows who they are because they are Australian so ...
  2. Kay Starr- She was popular in the 1950s.  I love her song Rock and Roll Waltz!  It is just so happy and fun!
  3. Perry Como- I love Hot Diggity!  That song was what I named my blog (and shop) after!  
  4. Doris Day- Her movies are so cute and so is her music!  I love Que Sera! 
  5. Dean Martin- Ain't that a Kick in the Head is such a good song!
  6. Gogi Grant- My favorite is Wayward Wind
  7. Ella Fitzgerald- I love Cheek to Cheek!
  8. The Beach Boys!  They are playing at The Stadium of Fire this year.  I want to go so so bad!!!
  9. Kansas- I love Carry on My Wayward Son.
  10. Aerosmith- Okay, I love Steven Tyler!  Too bad I'm not into American Idol...  I love their music so much!  My favorite is definitely Rag Doll!
So you can see my love of all things old, yes?  I love the old lifestyle, clothes, music, cars, houses, everything!  My friends always poke fun at me because I will just sort of sing to myself during lunch and the songs are always silly oldies!  I wont even notice that people are staring at me.  Or maybe I am just used to getting strange looks?  Hmm....  

2-6 remind me of my grandma and grandpa in St. George because that is what we listen to when I stay with her during the summer!  And speaking of, I really hope I get to go stay with my grandparents soon!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday's Style: 6-3-12

 I. Love. This. Dress!  It is a new find from Savers.  It is Nanette Lepore!  That just means this is a very expensive dress made by a very famous designer.  Let us guestimate it's original price to be around... $400? I got it for $8 :)

 Dress- Savers
Vintage necklace- estate sale
vintage earrings- garage sale
vintage purse- D.I.
Shoes- Dillards

What I Wore: 6-2-12

Check out my new hair!  I love my bangs, but they take effort!  No more just letting my hair air dry!  Shoot! Also, you cannot tell, but I have pink in it too!  I pulled all of the pink back in braids!

 I love my dress!  It didn't come with a liner so when I got it it was completely see-through!  I found a slip that came with another dress and layered it underneath.  The only problem is that the slip is so darn short!  I love how the layering shows my legs before the dress ends, though!  I was just concerned about how much leg!

 Look!  Pink!
Vintage dress- estate sale
Vintage necklace- estate sale
Shoes- Cotton On
I am sure you have noticed that I have not posted an outfit post in over three weeks.  I am sorry.  I have had issue after issue.

I went through some self conscious problems first.  We all have those weeks, yes?  Then my computer kept over heating and shutting down after two minutes.  And, of course, I was so sunburned on Monday!  It was as if life was just saying "No blogging for you!  I will add more reasons for no pictures!"

I spent most of the week avoiding contact with anything because it hurt so bad and then trying to hide my peeling face!  Ew!  Unfortunately, my shoulders and chest just started to peel today.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May in Review

May was a good month for me!  I had some problems with posting later in the month because of my darn computer and feeling self conscious of my (then) looks.  Thank you very much sunburn, break out, and weight gain.  But do not worry, it is all good now!

My favorite outfits of May 2012:

Favorite hair:
Favorite event:  PROM!
Silliest picture:

I have to say.  There were so many pictures of my saving myself from flashing the neighbors that day.  Good ol' wind.

What I cannot forget:  This month was my first date and dance!  I went to sophomore prom!  I will not let myself forget the story that comes with this one.  It will be great for my future kids...