Tuesday, June 12, 2012

List of Ten: Random Things I Love

  1. Old family movies.  I like the funny ones of me when I was little but I really love the old ones of my grandma when she was tiny.  My grandparents have old movies from when my grandma was a little girl and when my mom was a baby.  I love watching all of the fun things my family used to do.  I'm very jealous I missed out!
  2. Record players.  I think they are so fun and interesting.  I would rather have a record player in my room over my stereo.
  3. Vintage nightgowns. They are so pretty and fun.  They are my version of pajamas!  I feel like a princess every time I go to bed!
  4. Pink hair.  I know I talk about it all the time, but it is just too fun.  
  5. Magazines.  I love to look at all of the ads.  If there are cute pictures I like I cut them out and keep them in my style binder.  I have a hundred magazines and hundreds of cutouts.
  6. I Love Lucy.  I have a collection of her greatest episodes and I laugh and laugh.  They are so silly!
  7. Nail polish.  I love painting my nails in fun, unique ways.  I haven't worn nail polish in a couple of weeks. That is very strange for me and I think I should be concerned!
  8. Homemade dresses.  They have a certain charm to them.  I think it is the thought of all of the time a person put into them and how they can put their personality into them too!  The personalized fabric and pattern choices are what make the dress!  I have only sewn one myself with the help of my aunt Jackie, but I buy them all of the time from thrift stores and estate sales!  The older the better!
  9. Homemade icecream.  It tastes so good!  
  10. Taking pictures.  I would love to become a good photographer!  I love putting up pictures on Hot Diggity and using it as my way to remember my life.  This is my form of journaling!

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