Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to Relax

It is that time of night when I setlle down to the computer with my bowl of soup and blog. Reading blogs is my favorite pass time. It really does relax me.

Tomorrow is my first day of before school ballroom. I will have to wake up at like 5:30 to get ready. This should be interesting being that I have problems getting up at 6:45 on a usual school day!

Well, wish me luck!

Marble Nails DIY

Have you ever seen marble nails? Is this your first time hearing of them? Either way, they are impressive to look at. I always have people asking about my nails, so I decided to show you how to do them.


Nail polish(at least 2)

small bowl or cup that you can ruin

room temp. water

bobby pin or toothpick


nail polish remover

  1. fill your cup or bowl with water

  2. take your first polish color and drop it into the water; let it spread.

  3. drop your second color into the center of the previous color and repeat until you have the number of rings you want.

4. Use your bobby pin or toothpick and pull the rings to form a design


5. Dip your nail into the design and pull out the nail polish using your bobby pin or toothpick (it will come off easily because the polish turns filmy).

6. Pull out your nails and remove leftover polish with your q-tip and remover. A trick that will help with this clean up, is to tape your fingers off before dipping them.

On a second note, I had trouble sourcing some of these photos, so if they belong to you, please tell me so I can give you credit!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good Evening!

I was so nervous about competitions yesterday but in the end, we did fairly well! I was so excited when we took...wait for it... First place! In our age division for hip hop that is. I wish I had thought to have my parents record it, but alas, I did not.
I also went to antique stores and the DI and Savers. I bought some stuff from Savers and I cannot wait to show you! This was my first time ever buying clothes from those kind of stores, so it was kind of an adventure.
While I was first writing this post I was treated to a wonderful suprise! My grandma and grandpa came over! While that is fun on its own, my grandma brought her old clothes and gave them to me! Maybe this sounds crazy for wanting to wear them to some of you, but it really is cool and I cannot wait to wear them!

What I wore to church:

Dress- Banana Republic; Necklace- Thrifted;

After school outfit:
Sweatshirt- Nordstrom; Pants- Khols; Necklace- Thrifted

Friday, February 25, 2011

I, Oakley Seal, have officially ordered my dance dress. Nothing seems to be official unless I blog it, and no, I will not tell you what dress I ordered. It should be here around a week. I have been working on my magazine purse and soda tab purse today, although not much.

Today was my first time going to the bowling alley for PE and I did not do well, I have to admidt. The first game I bowled a 63 and the second I bowled a 26, which was the worst score in the class. I am still proud of myself because they both beat my pitiful score of 13. I am excited to go again on Tuesday.

On another subject, my dog took off with my converse I have to wear for my first hip hop competition tomorrow and I have no idea where it is. I have been looking for it and am now very stressed about the shoe and the competition itself.

Shirt-Nordstrom; Jeggings-Nordstrom;

I find myself laughing at myself yet again for checking my dashboard to see if any of my favorite blogs have posted anything new today.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Think Pink?

Today I actually started to make my soda tab purse. I stopped very early because one- I was getting frustrated, and two- because I didnt know what color to use for my soda tab ties. I started doing pink, but I am now thinking about starting over and using black thread. What do you think?
I did not make this, but it is an example of what it would look like with black thread.
This is what the purse will look like when it is finished. Should I try pink? Should I switch to black?

I also decided to upload some of my fashion sketches for fun. Tell me what you think!

Here is my outfit!

I am not completely sure why, but I think of Michael Jackson when I wear this jacket. It makes me happy! I also love the studs on the pockets of these jeans!
Jacket- Charlotte Russe; Jeansp- American Eagle Outlets

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Purse Projects

My recent craft projects involve purses. I have been spending the past few months saving soda tabs and folding paper for a magazine purse. My amazing great grandpa gave me soda tabs that he has been saving for who knows how long and who knows how many I actually have now. Today I spent the day washing the tabs. If you want to make a purse, trust me- you want to wash the soda tabs. I washed them in the sink and the water turned dark brown. I donated two hours of the day washing these things and would have spent a lot longer doing so if it werent for Avery and Mckenzie(my little cousin). They insisted it was fun. Here are some of my little projects!

Here is the bracelet I made out of candy wrappers. Unfortunately, my dog ate it.

These are the magazine rings that I will put together for my purse.

Here is my wallet. I need to buy a zipper for it when I get more money.

This is only HALF of my collection. I have more square and colored soda tabs that arent in this picture.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Girls Best Friend

A girl's best friend really is her dog- that is, when said dog isnt eating your shoes or jewery. I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but Harley(my dog) eats and ruins all of my shoes and jewelry and it drives me crazy when I am in a hurry and cannot find the missing shoe. But I cant stay mad at her for long, because she really is a sweet dog. Sometimes.

shirt- Charlotte Russe; Skirt- Charlotte Russe; Boots- Kmart; Hat- Thrifted; Necklace- Gardener Village

Miss Me?

I am back! The funny thing is, I went to St. George to escape the snow. I knew it would be cold, but there wouldnt be snow, right? Wrong! My outfits consisted of hats and hoodies. Here is what I did:

jacket- Smiths; pants- Nordstrom; hat- thrifted; glasses- Charlotte Russe

Jacket- Khols; Hat- Bohme

Hat- Gift; Jacket- Bohme; Jeggings- Nordstrom; Boots- Kmart;

My sister is making faces in the background of almost every picture. It drives her crazy how I take pictures everywhere I go.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

See you next week

Tomorrow I am going to get checked out of school to go to St George for the weekend! I am just letting you know that I wont be posting for a few days. I will get back to you either Monday or Tuesday. I will try my best to document my weekend with the camera so I have something next time I post.

Today after school I went to the dress rehearsal of Seussical the Musical. I recomend seeing it because it really is good. It opens tomorrow. Well, until next time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Heart You

Happy late Valentine's Day! I hope it was good. I just have to say right now that I have gotten so many compliments on the key to my heart necklace and I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog also! Tonight was the ettiquette dinner and instead of showing you a picture of what I wore to school because my camera is dead, I will show you a picture of the outfit I wore to said ettiquette dinner.

If you guys are ever looking for a fun blog to read, go to! It is my number one favorite!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good day

Today I was gone for most of the day. I visited my great grandparents first. My wonderful Grandpa Kingdon gave me more soda tabs than I can count, which is what I need because Im making a purse out of them! I then visited my Grandparents and my wonderful Uncle Matt! We went to Hobby Lobby too.

While I was waiting for my mom to get ready, I played with my camera.

I am fond of this picture mostly because in a large version, my eyes kind of look like a manga character.

Shirt-Nordstrom; Black tshirt- any store; Jeans-Down East; Hat- present; Shoes- Khols; Necklace- American Eagle; Earings- my friend's

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Is Here!

I walked home from my bus stop today and saw not one-but two packages on my front door. The first I noticed, was a package from my grandma and grandpa. The second was the necklace I have been waiting somewhat around three weeks for! I tore open the box holding my necklace (actually two necklaces) and put it on. I waited for my sister to come home so I could open the one from my grandparents. There was a card for each of us, suckers, stickers, and marshmallows and chocolate. I love getting packages from them! Thank you Nan and Papa!

I also took pictures of my necklace on me. But you only get to see one without my face in it. Remember how I mentioned I bought Proactive? It is working, the only problem is- my face is peeling and my skin is super dry! It does not photograph well.

Shirt- Nordstrom;

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Are Who We Are

Guess what? Im crazy. Thats just who I am. I dont know what came over me, but, today I just realized that I do not care about what people say.I love my hamburger phone. It is just so fun! The first time it rang, I was so excited, I answered the phone and did a giddy scream sort of thing... after realizing I did that with someone else on the line, I just hung up.

Life should just be about having fun, so that is what Im going to do.

Shirt- Khols; Skirt- Leggings- anywhere; Shoes- Kmart; Necklace- Gardener Village; Earings- Target

I also took advantage of my room being clean, and decided to give you a quick tour!

My room is black, white, and pink. We are slowly adding to it. I need to paint my furniture and walls.

And, of course, my closet. It is so chaotic and messy!