Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today, my mom had to pick me up from school so she could quickly take me to the orthodontist. He was supposed to be out of town this week, but the office called and said I had an appointment today. When I got there and my mom left, they told me he was out of town! Now, you are probably wondering why my post is called success. When my mom picked me up, my shirt Ive been dreaming of-yes, the last one in my size- was sitting shotgun in the car. I was so happy. Im a little sad I couldnt go to the mall, but I am even more excited to wear the shirt tomorrow morning! While we are on the subject of clothing, Ill just mention quickly that it was a high of ten degrees today. So, it was a T-shirt and jacket day. Although I love my jackets, they arent much to blog over. They arent my most stylish choices, but on days like this, I really do not care!

Updates on the brownies- I forgot them. I know, shame. Well, I guess you will hear from me tomorrow!

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