Monday, February 7, 2011


So, who isnt stressed in one way or another? I for one, am stressed a ton. I need to find my dance dress especially if I get it online. I ordered a necklace that I love, but it hasnt came yet, and I ordered it at least two weeks ago. I know it has been shipped, because I sent an email asking a few days ago. I want to wear it on Valentines day, which, by the way, is on a Monday, not Sunday. I love you Alli dear, but get your dates straight<3

Today I missed dance, and I am so sad. I love it there. The "light snow" the weather man mentioned, turned out to be a heavy snow. At least I got to hang out with one of my besties, Nina! We are practicing a dance for the school talent show! I know the dance, but she doesnt, so we spent our "minimal Monday" Dancing and just having fun!

What am I doing now? Sitting in my Pointe Dance sweats, blogging and singing along with Itunes. What I wouldnt give to be a good singer! Ive talked to my dad about singing lessons after the dance season has ended.

Here are the dresses I am considering for the dance: Please I want your comments!

Hot dotty dress $58.99Ma cherry amour dress $52.99Sea faring stunner dress $69.99Ad agency dress $47.99 Charmed, im sure dress $ 79.99

Whipped butter dress $54.99

Keep in mind that there are so many more cute dresses! I only put up the ones that are in somewhat of a price range, are in my size, and got good reviews. Again, please comment and tell me what one is your favorite!


  1. i love all the dresses but my top three are {hot dot} {ad agency} {whipped butter} but i love them all you always pick out darling clothes TTYL cierra barger

  2. Oh thankyou! You are so sweet! Thanks for commenting too!

  3. omg those are all so stinking hot! i would probly say my fav is hot dotty dress! that is so cute! i also love the whipped butter dress! but they are all super adorable!