Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here to Stay

Hello! I am back from girl's camp! It was so incredible! Im going to say sorry because I didnt take many pictures at in like bad. But others at camp did, so I hope maybe I end up with an email or two including pictures to post.
I loved it so much! We did crafts, swimming, rode horses, shot guns, and so much more! We were so busy, all the days went by so fast!
Im happy to be home with flushing toilets and hot water, but I am going to miss girl's camp too. It is such a special experience every year! The magical thing is, forty girls attended, and there never once was any drama at all!
The second I got home on Saturday, I had to get ready for my amazing cousin's wedding reception! Congrats Maddi and Mikey! I have been busy ever since. Therefore, I have not put in the time to wear anything super special. So sorry everybody- no outfit post today for you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Rainbow, Dreadlock, Yarn, Wrap, Things.

Everytime I get bored, it leads to something either great, or terrible. What I ended up with after said bordom, is not gread nor is it terrible. Honestly, Im not sure what it is. I tied my hair with rainbow yarn. That is not the bad part, because I love to tie hair. The bad part is that they ended up being long enough to fall to my bum. Dawson nicknamed me hippie for the time being.

As you can also see, it was a minimal makeup day. Im trying to wane myself off the stuff for girls camp. And so, dear readers, you get me, with only mascara on.
While I am on the subject of girl's camp, I am sad to remind you of my leave tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. I will be off into the wild, potty-less, world until saturday. I am sure I will come home with what I so affectionately refer to as my rainbow dreadlocks. Thats just what we do at girlscamp. I guess I have been awarded the title for bracelet queen at girlscamp as well, so I will come home with much bounty to post pictures of.

Shirt- Nordstrom Rack; skirt- Target; Sandals- Nordstrom Rack

I really truly am excited for girls camp! I hear we will be shooting clay pigeons, which will be a first for me! Girls camp over all is just a great vacation from the world. We all become closer, and get to know something new about ourselves. I pinky promise to bring home many pictures, so get prepared for a photo dump!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday's Style 7-24-11

Here it is as promised! Here is my hair bow! I am so in love with this hairstyle, i might never do a ponytail or bun again! It is so easy to do, and such a fun twist! I would not recomend it for girls who feel uncomfortable with stares. There were many eyes upon my noggin! I think I might put up a DIY. Would anyone feel interested?

Dress- Modcloth; Shoes- Nordstrom; Earings- Thrifted

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friends :)

Today was so fun! Avery's friend Dakota came to see her, but she was away with my mom. We guessed they would be home around in about twenty minutes so she stayed. Well its probably been two hours and they still arent home. It is such a good thing I love this girl! She is so cute! So we spent the day hanging out instead. Ha! Hahaha Avery! I got her to myself :)

I tried to make a hair bow for the first time, and I think it was good...for a first time! I also tried to get a picture of it but the light made it hard too see. Darn! Hehe, oh well, Im going to try again tomorrow!

Who doesnt love jumping shots!?

Skirt- forever 21; shoes- Old Navy(from fifth grade)! Jewelry- Thrifted;

I am so glad darling Dakota came to play! She helped out with the photography and was so fun to be with!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Love Thursday #2

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I wore 7-19-11

This is one of my dresses I aquired while i was in Las Vegas. Thanks Nan and Papa! Love you guys! I am so in love with this one.

Ah, yes. My grease pose. Hehe! I really did love that play!

dress-darn! what was that store called?; shoes- forever young shoes; cardigan- nordstrom; earings- charlotte russe;

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The week recap

My trip was so incredible. I had planned to write out each day, but by day four, all of the days mixed together and I couldnt remember what happened when, hehe.

This is the first day. We went on the new carousel and it was so cute! Below is My new friend Belle! I met her because she is my grandma's neighbor's grandaughter. They are such fun people! I love them so much!

Here we are in Las Vegas! I havent been there in so long, I cannot begin to tell you how eager I was to get there!

EEE! The Betsey Johnson outlet! I died inside a little bit. Everything was pink, and glitter. Of course, I could not afford $400 dollar dresses.
One day, I will go on these rides!

I saw this truck and smiled. It had to be photographed.

Here we are at the tea house. (I had orange lemonade-yum!) The food was good, and the decorations were so fun to look at! There were walls completely covered in tea cups, and every single one was for sale.

We all had to try on hats!

Here is my absolutely amazing grandma (Nan)!

Here is Sue, she is such a fun and amazing woman! I loved to hear her stories while we ate lunch! I was so devastated when I was editing my pictures and realized the picture I had taken of Belle didnt work!

Here we are, another day at 25 Main. Of all of the many times I had eaten here, never once had I gone for breakfast- until now. I fell in love with these cuckoo clocks! I wish I had seen them before they were all painted blue.

Oh, yes. And then the food arived. The food was bigger than my head!

This is Tuacahn. We went to see grease here. I loved it, and the movie! I had never seen Grease before, so it was fun to watch the movie, see the play, and watch the movie again. Thank you so much for letting me steal your movie for the week Shar! Shar is another incredible neighbor. She is so kind and fun, and talented! She showed me the quilts she makes and they are incredible! It hadnt occured to me until now to take pictures of them.

I love custard. Very much. I dont think I need to say anything else.