Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Rainbow, Dreadlock, Yarn, Wrap, Things.

Everytime I get bored, it leads to something either great, or terrible. What I ended up with after said bordom, is not gread nor is it terrible. Honestly, Im not sure what it is. I tied my hair with rainbow yarn. That is not the bad part, because I love to tie hair. The bad part is that they ended up being long enough to fall to my bum. Dawson nicknamed me hippie for the time being.

As you can also see, it was a minimal makeup day. Im trying to wane myself off the stuff for girls camp. And so, dear readers, you get me, with only mascara on.
While I am on the subject of girl's camp, I am sad to remind you of my leave tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. I will be off into the wild, potty-less, world until saturday. I am sure I will come home with what I so affectionately refer to as my rainbow dreadlocks. Thats just what we do at girlscamp. I guess I have been awarded the title for bracelet queen at girlscamp as well, so I will come home with much bounty to post pictures of.

Shirt- Nordstrom Rack; skirt- Target; Sandals- Nordstrom Rack

I really truly am excited for girls camp! I hear we will be shooting clay pigeons, which will be a first for me! Girls camp over all is just a great vacation from the world. We all become closer, and get to know something new about ourselves. I pinky promise to bring home many pictures, so get prepared for a photo dump!

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  1. OAKLEY!! i love that! its so cute! i am so excited to go to girls camp with you....we are going to have a ball! :]