Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here to Stay

Hello! I am back from girl's camp! It was so incredible! Im going to say sorry because I didnt take many pictures at in like bad. But others at camp did, so I hope maybe I end up with an email or two including pictures to post.
I loved it so much! We did crafts, swimming, rode horses, shot guns, and so much more! We were so busy, all the days went by so fast!
Im happy to be home with flushing toilets and hot water, but I am going to miss girl's camp too. It is such a special experience every year! The magical thing is, forty girls attended, and there never once was any drama at all!
The second I got home on Saturday, I had to get ready for my amazing cousin's wedding reception! Congrats Maddi and Mikey! I have been busy ever since. Therefore, I have not put in the time to wear anything super special. So sorry everybody- no outfit post today for you.

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