Sunday, July 17, 2011

The week recap

My trip was so incredible. I had planned to write out each day, but by day four, all of the days mixed together and I couldnt remember what happened when, hehe.

This is the first day. We went on the new carousel and it was so cute! Below is My new friend Belle! I met her because she is my grandma's neighbor's grandaughter. They are such fun people! I love them so much!

Here we are in Las Vegas! I havent been there in so long, I cannot begin to tell you how eager I was to get there!

EEE! The Betsey Johnson outlet! I died inside a little bit. Everything was pink, and glitter. Of course, I could not afford $400 dollar dresses.
One day, I will go on these rides!

I saw this truck and smiled. It had to be photographed.

Here we are at the tea house. (I had orange lemonade-yum!) The food was good, and the decorations were so fun to look at! There were walls completely covered in tea cups, and every single one was for sale.

We all had to try on hats!

Here is my absolutely amazing grandma (Nan)!

Here is Sue, she is such a fun and amazing woman! I loved to hear her stories while we ate lunch! I was so devastated when I was editing my pictures and realized the picture I had taken of Belle didnt work!

Here we are, another day at 25 Main. Of all of the many times I had eaten here, never once had I gone for breakfast- until now. I fell in love with these cuckoo clocks! I wish I had seen them before they were all painted blue.

Oh, yes. And then the food arived. The food was bigger than my head!

This is Tuacahn. We went to see grease here. I loved it, and the movie! I had never seen Grease before, so it was fun to watch the movie, see the play, and watch the movie again. Thank you so much for letting me steal your movie for the week Shar! Shar is another incredible neighbor. She is so kind and fun, and talented! She showed me the quilts she makes and they are incredible! It hadnt occured to me until now to take pictures of them.

I love custard. Very much. I dont think I need to say anything else.

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  1. Wow! It looks like you had so much fun! Love all of the teacups and I may have had to buy all of them! I want to go see Grease now. That would be a fun family activity! It looks like you did get to see a little of the Strip. ;) That’s fun that you get this opportunity with Nan and Papa every summer!