Monday, February 28, 2011

Marble Nails DIY

Have you ever seen marble nails? Is this your first time hearing of them? Either way, they are impressive to look at. I always have people asking about my nails, so I decided to show you how to do them.


Nail polish(at least 2)

small bowl or cup that you can ruin

room temp. water

bobby pin or toothpick


nail polish remover

  1. fill your cup or bowl with water

  2. take your first polish color and drop it into the water; let it spread.

  3. drop your second color into the center of the previous color and repeat until you have the number of rings you want.

4. Use your bobby pin or toothpick and pull the rings to form a design


5. Dip your nail into the design and pull out the nail polish using your bobby pin or toothpick (it will come off easily because the polish turns filmy).

6. Pull out your nails and remove leftover polish with your q-tip and remover. A trick that will help with this clean up, is to tape your fingers off before dipping them.

On a second note, I had trouble sourcing some of these photos, so if they belong to you, please tell me so I can give you credit!

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