Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Are Who We Are

Guess what? Im crazy. Thats just who I am. I dont know what came over me, but, today I just realized that I do not care about what people say.I love my hamburger phone. It is just so fun! The first time it rang, I was so excited, I answered the phone and did a giddy scream sort of thing... after realizing I did that with someone else on the line, I just hung up.

Life should just be about having fun, so that is what Im going to do.

Shirt- Khols; Skirt- Leggings- anywhere; Shoes- Kmart; Necklace- Gardener Village; Earings- Target

I also took advantage of my room being clean, and decided to give you a quick tour!

My room is black, white, and pink. We are slowly adding to it. I need to paint my furniture and walls.

And, of course, my closet. It is so chaotic and messy!

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  1. Oh my gosh i love your room it is so cute i love your colors and i totally agree about just being your self and have fun being crazy love your blog