Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Is Here!

I walked home from my bus stop today and saw not one-but two packages on my front door. The first I noticed, was a package from my grandma and grandpa. The second was the necklace I have been waiting somewhat around three weeks for! I tore open the box holding my necklace (actually two necklaces) and put it on. I waited for my sister to come home so I could open the one from my grandparents. There was a card for each of us, suckers, stickers, and marshmallows and chocolate. I love getting packages from them! Thank you Nan and Papa!

I also took pictures of my necklace on me. But you only get to see one without my face in it. Remember how I mentioned I bought Proactive? It is working, the only problem is- my face is peeling and my skin is super dry! It does not photograph well.

Shirt- Nordstrom;

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