Thursday, February 24, 2011

Think Pink?

Today I actually started to make my soda tab purse. I stopped very early because one- I was getting frustrated, and two- because I didnt know what color to use for my soda tab ties. I started doing pink, but I am now thinking about starting over and using black thread. What do you think?
I did not make this, but it is an example of what it would look like with black thread.
This is what the purse will look like when it is finished. Should I try pink? Should I switch to black?

I also decided to upload some of my fashion sketches for fun. Tell me what you think!

Here is my outfit!

I am not completely sure why, but I think of Michael Jackson when I wear this jacket. It makes me happy! I also love the studs on the pockets of these jeans!
Jacket- Charlotte Russe; Jeansp- American Eagle Outlets

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