Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Purse Projects

My recent craft projects involve purses. I have been spending the past few months saving soda tabs and folding paper for a magazine purse. My amazing great grandpa gave me soda tabs that he has been saving for who knows how long and who knows how many I actually have now. Today I spent the day washing the tabs. If you want to make a purse, trust me- you want to wash the soda tabs. I washed them in the sink and the water turned dark brown. I donated two hours of the day washing these things and would have spent a lot longer doing so if it werent for Avery and Mckenzie(my little cousin). They insisted it was fun. Here are some of my little projects!

Here is the bracelet I made out of candy wrappers. Unfortunately, my dog ate it.

These are the magazine rings that I will put together for my purse.

Here is my wallet. I need to buy a zipper for it when I get more money.

This is only HALF of my collection. I have more square and colored soda tabs that arent in this picture.

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