Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Post: Cancer, Diet & You

I was lucky enough to receive an email from Leroy Templeton offering to write a guest post on eating healthy. It is something that has become very important to me, so maybe others will be inspired to start new eating habits too! And so Leroy, take it away!

Healthy eating… good, right? No doubt. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, get extra energy and even sleep better, but did you know it can help you fight cancer? Now I know cancer is a pretty heavy subject. I’m sure everyone at least knows someone who has been affected by it and yeah, maybe it’s not the most fun thing to talk about, but if we can spread a little awareness every now and then, maybe we’ll be able to lower the amount of people who can say they’ve been affected by it…
As I mentioned earlier, the amount of importance diet has on cancer diagnosis is surprisingly high. Studies have shown that as much as 30% of all cancer diagnosis can be attributed to diet. That’s almost one third!! A lot of that comes from eating unhealthy foods. Now in order to help prevent any undesirable consequences, I thought I would let you know what foods to avoid in order to promote a “cancer-free” diet. So without any further ado….
The Top 5 Cancer-Causing Foods (A.K.A. “aww bummer, I really like those”)
5) Processed Meats
Often high in sodium and nitrates, which contribute to increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Maybe opt for organic peanut butter and jelly for your next sandwich?
4) Chips, Crackers and Cookies
These snacks almost always contain trans-fats, even when the label says otherwise. As trans-fats have a hard time being broken down and processed in the body these snacks upset the natural chemical balance of the body and thus the cell growth and division process. Not a good look.
3) Red Meat
Tasty, but bad for you. Studies are now showing a connection between red meats and colon cancer. On top of that, they are usually marbled with animal fat which contains high amounts of carcinogens.
2) French Fries
They are fried in hydrogenated oils. They also contain high amounts of cancer causing carcinogens and acryl amides which have been known to lead to gastric cancer and peritoneal mesothelioma.
1) Doughnuts
I think they’re delicious, but these fellas are made with white flour, synthetic sugars and hydrogenated oils. That’s, like, the Legion of Doom of cancer causing ingredients. Yikes.

Now this list is not meant to scare you or freak you out in any way. It’s not that if you eat these foods your will instantly get cancer. That would be ridiculous. However, it may be good idea to monitor your intake of these and other unhealthy foods. If you’re the type that can suddenly put back an entire bag of Lays or house a dozen Krispy Kremes without much thought (I know I was at one point), then you might wanna know exactly what you’re exposing yourself to. Besides, limiting some of these bad foods definitely wouldn’t hurt come next swimsuit season.
If you’re looking for good foods to eat, while staying away from the aforementioned cancer-causing foods, then look no further than these foods. Below is a list of foods that can help burn fat while keeping you full and healthy!

• Eggs – Eggs are a great way to start your day. When eaten in the a.m. they work to kick start your metabolism, allowing your body to process foods quicker and more efficiently. Also, they have the capacity to emulsify fat which, in case you were sick that day of biology class, means that it can break down fatty cells at an accelerated rate.
• Tomatoes – Really good for you if they’re eaten raw. They help accelerate metabolism and fight cancer. Just try not to eat them when they’re fried, because the frying process adds toxic properties.
• Green Tea – Okay, so it’s technically not a food, but it can still help. Green tea is not only a great antioxidant, but it can also increase your metabolism by 30%! And when you’re drinking that tea make sure to. . .
• Substitute Sugar with Honey – It might not taste exactly the same, but it’s pretty darn close. Honey mobilizes fatty cells, increasing metabolism. As an added bonus, it helps you to eat less sugar, which is almost always stored as pure fat.

So, there you have it, foods to avoid and foods to seek out. It’s a pretty simple list. Try to stay away from the bad foods and try to seek out the good ones. I promise, you’ll see results.

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