Saturday, December 3, 2011

Its the Little Things...

  • Like parent teacher conferences. Success! All of my teachers like me and had good things to say!

  • Grades! I am (planning on) making honor roll! I am working my nerdy little butt off to make sure this will happen. Also- Can I just say that I was one out of four students to get 100% on one of my tests? This is a big deal because grades really haven't been my specialty in the past.

  • My drawing teacher wants me in Honors and AP art! This means the world to me because I do try to do well in drawing.

  • Said drawing teacher put two (2!!) of my drawings in the school display case! It was so fun walking by and seeing such a lovely suprise!

  • Curled hair and chili. I havent had curled hair in so long. I am completely in love with Wendy's chili and I had it for lunch yesterday!

  • I have fallen in love with lipstick. I have worn it so many times recently.

  • It is December! Christmas time! All of the decorations are out, and there are so many fun activities, including one I have planned for later today!

I hope everyone had an amazing week, and has an incredible December!

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