Monday, December 12, 2011

What I Wore: Seal Christmas Party!

New christmas nails! I am on a roll! These ones remind me of elf hats. I love it! The party was super fun! There aren't the perfect combination of words that could describe family gatherings with the Seal Uncles. The only words that come to mind are crazy, funny, and awesome!

Eating healthy was put on pause yesterday. One-because I needed my free meal of the week. Two-because I want to put a little weight back on. Three- because the salad had chocolate in it, the potatoes had extra cheese, and the rolls were the size of mini loafs of bread. Oh ya, and there was the world's best dessert. I must have had eight servings. I was so sick from eating so much of that incredible food!

There is a cousin gift exchange that we do every year, and I got the greatest presents ever! My aunt Heather and cousin Hadley gave me a vintage jewelry set! Earings, necklaces, and a pin! They are so beautiful! You can bet I wore them today!

My grandpa and grandma gave me a scarf that must be the softest thing I have ever felt, and a vintage purse that I am dying over. It is so perfect! It is so hard to believe that she found it in the DI. Some people are must be crazy to let things like that go.

I am so grateful for being able to spend the night hanging out with my family and sitting on the couch with my grandpa after I got a sick from eating so much food my body isn't used to anymore. I hope every one gets to spend time with their extended family this season!

Love, love,

Shirt-Bohme; Jeans-Khols; Shoes-Khols; Necklace-Gifted; Earings-Betsey Johnson;

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  1. It was a fun night! How did you know the salad had chocolate? ;) I love this outfit and want one in my size!