Monday, December 5, 2011

What I Wore 12-5-11

I love capes! Unfortunately, this is my only one. But it it leopard print and furry, so I am glad for the one I do have! Also, keep an eye out for the amazing vintage hot pink gloves that are keeping my fingers warm and toasty!

I walked into school today to find the commons area decked out for the holidays! A Christmas tree, wrapping paper covering the garbage cans, decorated pillars, lights on the stairs, wrapped boxes, ect.! Being in highschool, I am sure the pretty decorations will be ruined before the week is over, but I will enjoy it while it lasts! I am sure more decorations will come out for the Sweater Swing (the Christmas dance) this Friday. And just while we are on the subject of the dance... I still haven't gone to one. Oh boy. I realize that I have three years worth of dances ahead of me but still. I. Want. To. Go! It is something that I am sure I will eventually get to experience, but I would rather sooner than later for sure! Dress-Charlotte Russe; Cape-Charlotte Russe; Booties-Khols; Vintage gloves-Thrifted;

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