Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been really good this year. Did you hear about my goals to be a better person? I think I have done well, although I am not close to being through. I try to keep an even temper when my sister is involved. I tried to feel bad about yelling at her for getting popcorn on a drawing. It is a work in progress. I work hard. I eat well, and excercize. I may be stubborn, but that just means that I won't give up when I set my mind to something. I guess now is when I attatch that Christmas list of mine:

  • Anything vintage really scores big points with me. (pins, hats, dresses, coloring books, gloves, get the idea.

  • I really loved the stuff at Icing by Clares. The pink purse that looks like a bowling bag is so cool! The matching belt and jewelry would make such an incredible outfit!

  • There were a few things I really loved at DSW. I knew it was love at first sight when I saw those pink, sequin heels. The bag with lace and fur (in tan) was so unique. I think I could use it a lot.

  • Dear Lizzie has the most amazing and unique clothes like the white lace blouse that ties and has poofy sleeves. Remember those two dresses I tried on? Not to mention the pants that look like Missoni....

  • Anything H&M would tickle me pink. Like the hot pink pants, for example, or the fur hat. I love the tuxedo dress and jacket too! I don't think a single post could list how many incredible things there are that I love from H&M.

  • Have I tackled my love for pink yet? What about glitter? I want to put a vampire to shame this year.

  • I would love new nail polish and makeup...that glitters.

  • Would you cringe if I mention knitting and crocheting? I don't blame you after today's attempts. Yelling at the needles probably doesn't look good from the North Pole, hu?

I don't expect everything on the list, but I figured it would make some nice ideas or suggestions;) I would just like to say, thanks for reading this letter, Santa, and Have a merry Christmas!

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