Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ten Things You May (not) Know About Me

You probably know by now that I am a girly-girl, and I love photography. You probably also know that I have an incredibly large love for anything vintage. I wanted to share some things about myself that you might not have known until now.

  1. I have a great love for light pink hair. I love things that stand out, and I am not afraid to be different. Pink hair fits both of these two short descriptions. I think it is girly and pretty. It also says that you should not be afraid to be yourself (no matter how crazy)!

  2. I am constantly striving to be a better person. I go through a lot of self-evaluations and small steps every day. I want to be seen as a kind and good person.

  3. Believe it or not-I used to be the ultimate tom-boy. It was jeans or sweatpants with a T-shirt and jacket every day. Yikes. I was completely against anything with ruffles or pink. Crazy, right?

  4. I am in love with hiphop. I love to dance. I do not do ballet, jazz, or lyrical. I am strictly hip hop. I love the strong beats and big movements!

  5. I cannot tie a nice-looking bow for my life. You would think by now I would have mastered that simple action, but no. They always end up lopsided. My mom laughs at me everytime I wear a blouse that ties before she fixes it.

  6. I am a giant bookworm. When I get into a book, reading is all I will do for six hours straight, leave a quick break to eat, and get back to more reading. I read six-hundred page books in less than two days from cover to cover.

  7. Curling my hair is something I continue to fail at. The curls do not stay or look right. Lucky for me, I have a hair styling mom to make amazing curls any time I feel the need to have pretty hair. Do not judge. No one is perfect.

  8. I am an early bird. I wake up at 5am every day during the week, and try to be up at 7am or earlier on weekends. I also go to bed before 10pm. Staying up late is not one of my talents.

  9. I am an artist. I do not like to say that often because I feel like I am bragging or saying that I think highly of myself. I used to draw constantly and I improved because of it. As of late, I haven't hardly drawn at all and it shows. I am currently working on getting back into the habbit.

  10. I am known for my handwriting. People say it looks like something that was just printed or caligraphy. It used to be messy and ugly, so one day I sat myself down for hours and just wrote over and over again. Now, it is pretty and my next task at hand is cursive. I know it is silly because we all spent the later years of elementary writing everything in cursive, but I cannot remember a darn thing. I can sign my name, and that is just about it.

I hope that this has entertained or possibly helped you get to know me better!

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  1. Wow! I was shocked how much we have in common...Even though I am pretty much as girly as they get but no one can stop when I hear hip hop music from somewhere!! Plus I am also complimented for my handwriting often, not that much though now since everything is on the computer :( Also at one point in third grade I asked myself "I need a hobby that I'm good at" so I chose reading. Right now I think I am the only one in my class who actually sits down to read a book in the evening instead of sitting on Facebook... Anyway, this post made my day. Thanks :)