Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its the Little Things...

  • Like so many Parties all week, including another tonight!

  • Getting my driver's permit!

  • Sewing a dress from a vintage pattern!

  • No school!

  • Shopping and hanging out with my grandparents this week!

  • We saw The Nutcracker!

  • A little boy told me I was beautiful and a waitress told me I looked like a princess...good day!

  • Today has been completely set aside to make cookies until the Christmas eve party tonight!

  • Tomorrow is Christmas! It still doesn't feel like it to me, but maybe after cookies or the party.

  • Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Nutcracker!

Here we are meeting for lunch before The Nutcracker! The food was super yummy, and the waitress was so nice! She was (I'm guessing) Russian and her name was Anastasia! On my way out, she told me I looked like a princess. Well, I think Anastasia would know about princesses, so it really made my day. Who doesn't love huge compliments?!Brrr! We walked to the theater from lunch and it was chilly! Because the top of my dress is lace, I had to wear a strapless bra. Because I am lacking up top, the stupid thing ended up around my waist by the time we made it to the theater. Joy.

It was so fun to go out with all of the girls in the family! I hope we do it again soon!

What I Wore 12-23-11

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! This is a holiday in my house. Can you see my rainbow toes? I felt my little piggies were neglected after all of my holiday finger nail posts.We went to the nutcracker! I hadn't been in years, so this was super exciting to see it again! I loved it! I am so jealous of their incredible flexibility and talent! Maybe I will silently and gracefully dance around the room on Christmas while we open presents like Clara. Not the same? Unfortunately, Avery didn't love it as much as I did. She couldn't sit still long enough, and I think the lack of dialogue killed her. Oh well.
Dress-Estate sale; Shoes-Dillards; Tights-? Pearls-Estate Sale & Garage Sale;

Annual Gingerbread House Party!

Here are the pictures from the annual gingerbread house party! All of the cousins decorate the classic grahm cracker and milk carton houses and later do the cousin gift exchange.

My sister Avery was so excited to open presents! Here is my house!
Here is Avery's house!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What I Wore 12-21-11

More shopping and hanging out with grandparents! I love it! Seriously, I love hanging out with them so much! Yesterday we had origionally planned on going ice skating outdoors, but the news reported snow. Plans cancelled. You know what the weather didn't do? Snow! Oh well, there is still time over break. We also did our annual ginger bread houses! The family got together and exchanged cousin gifts!

Dress-CHarlotte Russe; Shoes-Target; Scarf-Gifted; Bracelets-mom's; Coat-moms;

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I Wore 12-19-11

Yesterday was such a fun and productive day for me! My grandma came down and she and my mom took me to get my drivers permit! I can now legally drive the roads of Utah! Scary, hu? We also took back some fabric that had stains on it. Uugh. With the new fabric and the help of my amazing Great Aunt Jackie....I sewed a wrap dress! It is not completely finished. She sent me home with homework of course, but I am so grateful! I learned more from her in that one day than what I learned this entire semester in sewing class. Now, I just need a vintage slip to wear with it! Maybe for Christmas? We will soon find out! Today is going to be more of a break day, after running around so much yesterday. (Which I am happy to take!) Here are some more of my thrifty/estate sale finds! I fell in love with this skirt before I even tried it on, so when it fit, I knew I had to get it! It matches the shoes perfectly! Also, lets take a look at that cape. Maybe certain family members reading this will recognise it? This is my Grandma Enid's cape! I was so happy to walk around wearing it!

More Christmas nails! The thumb is a little messy. I guess that is what happens when you try to get dressed with wet nails.

My outfit was a bit cold for a day that snowed in December. OK, so I was freezing. I just could not wait to wear it though. Waiting for it to come home from the dry cleaners was difficult enough. Vintage skirt-Thrifted; Shirt-Thrifted; Vintage Shoes-Thrifted; Vintage cape- Grandma's; Vintage Earings-Thrifted; Vintage Bracelet-Thrifted

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday's Style 12-18-11

One week until Christmas! What are you doing to celebrate? Tonight we are going to the big Christmas party for my mom's side of the family. We go to dinner and rent out Classic Skating every year! This is seriously one of the days I look forward to most the entire year! The only thing better is Christmas Day itself! We aren't leaving until around five, but I want to get ready already! I am so anxious! Nothing is better than rollerskating, blow up slides and obstacle courses, and this year...Chin Wah! The worlds best Chinese food. China could not cook a better meal, I'm sure.

Do you like my (mom's) mink coat? I love it! My grandpa bought it for her (us) for a steal! $20!! Life is good. You know what else makes life good? Vintage shoes, gloves, and a dress to match! This is easily in my top ten favorite outfits of all time!Have a great Sunday and Christmas Break everyone! Also, please do not forget to comment saying what you would like to see more of on the blog! I want to improve it for my new year's resolution, so any suggestions are welcome!

Vintage Coat-Thrifted; Dress- Thrifted; Tights-Kmart; Vintage shoes-Thrifted; Vintage gloves-Thrifted; Vintage necklaces-Thrifted; Vintage Earings-Thrifted;

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I Wore 12-17-11

As I mentioned in my previous post, today I did a sub for Santa event sponsored by my school. I had so much fun shopping with my new Christmas buddy! I hope she loves what she chose!

Vintage blazer- Thrifted; Sweater-Forever 21; Earings-Charlotte Russe; Boots-Kmart;

Its the Little Things...

  • Like taking a little girl to Walmart and buying Christmas gifts for her. My school was doing a sub for santa program this morning and we took hundreds of kids on busses and took them shopping for themselves and their family. It was so fun and special!

  • Christmas break! I get weeks off to myself! No homework or stress about grades!

  • Reading Stargirl. I seriously would love to be her. I would totally wear prarie dresses to school everyday. It would be nice to be so oblivious to the world and people around you.

  • Sleepover with Lauren! We watched Mama Mia (great movie!) and ate apples. Her little sister showed us the dances she is going to perform today, and after seeing how bendy she is, we started stretching so we can get our splits (again)!

  • Nearly one week until Christmas-are you ready!?

Friday, December 16, 2011

What I Wore 12-16-11

It was the last day of school before Christmas break, so I decided to go all festive on you. Every time I looked in a mirror I thought of Santa's elves.

Vintage skirt-Thrifted; Shirt-Macys; Shoes-Dillards;

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been really good this year. Did you hear about my goals to be a better person? I think I have done well, although I am not close to being through. I try to keep an even temper when my sister is involved. I tried to feel bad about yelling at her for getting popcorn on a drawing. It is a work in progress. I work hard. I eat well, and excercize. I may be stubborn, but that just means that I won't give up when I set my mind to something. I guess now is when I attatch that Christmas list of mine:

  • Anything vintage really scores big points with me. (pins, hats, dresses, coloring books, gloves, get the idea.

  • I really loved the stuff at Icing by Clares. The pink purse that looks like a bowling bag is so cool! The matching belt and jewelry would make such an incredible outfit!

  • There were a few things I really loved at DSW. I knew it was love at first sight when I saw those pink, sequin heels. The bag with lace and fur (in tan) was so unique. I think I could use it a lot.

  • Dear Lizzie has the most amazing and unique clothes like the white lace blouse that ties and has poofy sleeves. Remember those two dresses I tried on? Not to mention the pants that look like Missoni....

  • Anything H&M would tickle me pink. Like the hot pink pants, for example, or the fur hat. I love the tuxedo dress and jacket too! I don't think a single post could list how many incredible things there are that I love from H&M.

  • Have I tackled my love for pink yet? What about glitter? I want to put a vampire to shame this year.

  • I would love new nail polish and makeup...that glitters.

  • Would you cringe if I mention knitting and crocheting? I don't blame you after today's attempts. Yelling at the needles probably doesn't look good from the North Pole, hu?

I don't expect everything on the list, but I figured it would make some nice ideas or suggestions;) I would just like to say, thanks for reading this letter, Santa, and Have a merry Christmas!

What I Wore 12-15-11

Only one more day until Christmas break. Think I can make it? Me too. Tomorrow's classes incude:

  • Cutting out pattern pieces for my dress

  • Watching Mulan in chinese

  • Drawing with charcoal

  • Math test(yuck!)

Other than math (which is actually really easy for me this year...third times the charm?) my day is going to be pretty fun. We actually started Mulan last class period, and I wanted to jump up on my desk and sing along in english. Due to the chance that my spontanious broadway-worthy act may have been frowned upon, I hummed to myself silently instead.
Do you love this dress as much as I do? It was last year's Christmas outfit. I felt the need to end the week with my fellow classmates with a Christmas spirit bang! Tomorrow's outfit is picked out, on the bed, and full out santa's elf, festive, pow! In other words, you may or may not like it. It all depends on your love for the holiday-themed-colors.

T-shirt-Charlotte Russe; Dress-Charlotte Russe; Boots-Smiths; Vintage hat-Thrifted; Vintage bracelet-Thrifted; Necklace-gifted;