Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Festival of Colors

 This was my first year at the festival of colors!  I had so much fun.  There are certain things that I love,and this includes a lot of them!  I love people, big crowds, festivals, rainbows, bright things, and throwing stuff at people!

It comes once a year in Utah.  This is actually a religious event that has become a huge thing for just about everyone. There is music playing, and a dude preaching some religion about peace and love and other fun stuff.  Not bad at all.

 Unfortunately, the colors aren't so easy to get off.  My armpits and chest are stained green, my fingers are blue, my face is purple, and my hair is orange-pink.  What a nightmare.  Overall, was it worth it?  We will find out tomorrow after the damage is assessed.

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