Friday, August 31, 2012

What I Wore: 8-30-12

 I love this dress!  So much! I have been putting it off because I know how staticky it can get just from the couple of times I have tried it on.  Guess what?  No static! I always think of a french cafe when I see this so I had to wear my vintage beret too!
 Yuck, see that?  That is what happens when My feet hurt too bad in heels and I walk bare-foot outside.  Seriously, my feet were killing me!  I couldn't even force myself to put them on for two extra minutes for blog pictures.

 Vintage dress- Estate sale
Vintage beret-Vintage mall

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekly Craft: Glitter Shoes DIY!

 This week I glittered one of my favorite pairs of shoes!  I have had these for a couple years and wore them to death!  I am so excited to give them a new life and to wear them more!


  • shoes
  • mod podge
  • glitter
  • foam brush

   1. Paint the glue onto a small area of your shoe.  I would do a smaller section than I did because the glue has less time to dry and you have a more even glitter coating
   2. Dump glitter on top of the glue and repeat until your shoes are covered.

   3. To keep your glitter from falling off the shoes every time you take a step put a top coat of mod podge over the glitter.
And you are finished!  Perfect!  A cute idea for shoe laces is matching ribbon or tulle!

What I Wore: 8-29-12

 Okay, I love these overalls and I never wear them!  They make me think of a train conductor so I usually wear my vintage pocket watch around a chain as a necklace.  Did I mention it has a train on the front?!  I did want to switch it up though today so I Changed the shirt, shoes, and necklace.  It is still pretty similar to the usual though.

Sandals- Kohls
Vintage necklace- Estate sale

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Wore: 8-26-12

 I am so sorry for the space between posts.  I really do want to blog!  Does anyone believe me...?

Anyway  this is one of the cute 1940-50s dresses I showed you in my last Recent Finds post.  Isn't it amazing!?

 Vintage dress- Estate sale
Vintage belt- Estate sale

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

List of Ten: Things keeping me busy

I have been so darn busy!  With the school year, and my sudden urge to create things and clean out my room I haven't had a chance to catch my breath!  
  1. School started!  So this means that I have six hours taken out of my day plus homework!
  2. I cleaned out my drawers and closet- again!
  3. I organized my sewing room.  I pretty much doubled my fabric, patterns, and everything else related to sewing and hadn't put anything away!  Scary!
  4. I have been testing my skills at needlepoint!  I had no idea how long it takes to make one little design!
  5. I have to read forty books this year for English.  Originally I hadn't thought this to be a large challenge but with everything else it is darn near impossible to finish one!
  6. I have been drawing up a storm for AP Art!  My goodness, I don't know how I can keep up!
  7. I am still really into crocheting and am attempting to keep it in my daily routines!  
  8. I am watching all of the Doctor Who episodes I can... Does that count as being busy?  I am talking marathons (while I do other things at the same time, of course)!
  9. Cleaning out my (dad's) car.  I am moving into it and driving to school!
  10. Organizing everything I can.  I am in one of those moods where if it isn't perfect, it won't do!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's the Little Things

Hello everyone!  Since I have been away from the blog for so long, I am going to just combine this week's little things with the previous week!  I am so glad to be back!

  • My mom and I went running for the first time.  And it was horrible!  I am sure runners and cars that pass us were laughing.  Mostly because I run like an uncoordinated girl.  
  • I used my first crocheting pattern!  And I made a collar!
  • I found a vintage crochet pattern online for knee-high socks and it was so cute!  Unfortunately it uses an old fashioned term and I don't know what to do next because I can't figure out what it means online.  Are there any crochet masters out there to help!?  
  • I am now a licensed driver in Utah!  I feel so big!
  • Angus stone is coming to Salt Lake City this coming week.  He is my all-time favorite singer. He is Australian so this is a big deal to me!  Too bad he is playing in a bar.  And you have to be 21+. 
  • There have just been a never ending stupid computer problems.  Keeping the darn thing on is like trying to... its just hard.  Take my word for it.
  • School started!  I did not have a great first week mostly because some of my classes intimidate me so much!  
  • On the first day of school I lost one of my school books.  Of course.  That is such a "me" thing to do.  But I found it the next day in one of my classes!
  • I had to present three works of art I did over the summer for AP Art.  My three works were pretty last minute and not-so-over-the-summer. More like the night before they were due.  I was so embarrassed and nervous to show them to people in the class!  It wasn't so bad, I guess but I know procrastination will not happen again!  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I Wore: 8-22-12

 I wonder what it would be like to have a working computer.  It would be so nice.

I love these pants! I think they are just fun!  The black and white pattern looks cute with pretty much any color!

 Shirt- Boutique
Pants- Savers
Shoes- Dillards

Friday, August 24, 2012

What I Wore: First Day of My Junior Year!

 I have been so frustrated with my computer.  When I called myself a blogging machine I totally jinxed myself.  My computer will only turn on for thirty seconds at a time with the rare five-minutes.  That is how long I had for this post.  Oh how I wish I had a functioning computer to blog my heart away.

This school year is going to be a very difficult one with classes like AP Art, Psychology, and Chinese II. I am actually pretty nervous!  My first week won't make my top ten favorite weeks but it is okay because tonight I have our first home game and a dance!
 Shirt- D.I.
Shorts- Savers
Shoes- Forever 21
Bag- Target

Monday, August 13, 2012

What I Wore: 8-12-12

 We went to Heber!  I don't know why I love it up there so much... I just do!  Maybe it has to do with Swiss Days or the antique stores or that thrift store?  Just a few guesses.  Of course while we were there my dad wanted to stop and look around The Holmstead.  He was telling my sister and me about how he would stay in the "Milk House" when he was a kid with his parents and siblings.

 Vintage shirt-  estate sale
Shorts- Forever 21
Vintage shoes- estate sale
Vintage Brooch- estate sale
Vintage earrings- estate sale

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday's Style: 8-12-12

As much as I love all of the vintage clip-on earrings I have to say that I do not love the little bruises on my earlobes.  Beauty is pain I guess.

 Vintage blouse- estate sale
vintage skirt- thrift store
vintage shoes- estate sale
vintage purse-estate sale

What I Wore: 8-11-12

 I forgot to add this dress  romper to my recently thrifted post!  I love it so much!  The pattern and ric-rac is so cute!  I actually went thrifting again yesterday so I will have another post up soon!

 Vintage romper- estate sale

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recent Finds

 Guess who went thrifting finally!?  This girl!  I am so excited to share these fabulous finds and hope you love them as much as I do!  I bought six dresses.  The first five are all 1940s-50s.  The best part?  They all came with matching belts that fit my waist!  Excellent!

 This is one of my favorite dresses!  I already have dreams of wearing this dress to a picnic.

The buttons are so beautiful in person!
 This is my mom's favorite dress.  It is completely sheer so I will have to wear my white slip under it until I can come across a navy one.  I absolutely adore how it ties around the neck!

It is frustrating to look at the picture of these pants.  They just don't come out like they look in person... These pants in person really are closer to a bright light green and they are high-waisted.