Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's the Little Things

Hello everyone!  Since I have been away from the blog for so long, I am going to just combine this week's little things with the previous week!  I am so glad to be back!

  • My mom and I went running for the first time.  And it was horrible!  I am sure runners and cars that pass us were laughing.  Mostly because I run like an uncoordinated girl.  
  • I used my first crocheting pattern!  And I made a collar!
  • I found a vintage crochet pattern online for knee-high socks and it was so cute!  Unfortunately it uses an old fashioned term and I don't know what to do next because I can't figure out what it means online.  Are there any crochet masters out there to help!?  
  • I am now a licensed driver in Utah!  I feel so big!
  • Angus stone is coming to Salt Lake City this coming week.  He is my all-time favorite singer. He is Australian so this is a big deal to me!  Too bad he is playing in a bar.  And you have to be 21+. 
  • There have just been a never ending stupid computer problems.  Keeping the darn thing on is like trying to... its just hard.  Take my word for it.
  • School started!  I did not have a great first week mostly because some of my classes intimidate me so much!  
  • On the first day of school I lost one of my school books.  Of course.  That is such a "me" thing to do.  But I found it the next day in one of my classes!
  • I had to present three works of art I did over the summer for AP Art.  My three works were pretty last minute and not-so-over-the-summer. More like the night before they were due.  I was so embarrassed and nervous to show them to people in the class!  It wasn't so bad, I guess but I know procrastination will not happen again!  

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