Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly Craft: Make Your Own Book!

This week I made my own book and I want to share with you how I did it!
  • paper- I used 40 printer paper sheets
  • needle- for handsewing
  • thread
  • mod podge & brush
  • fabric
  • cardboard
  • fabric scrap 
  • ribbon
  • scissors

  1. Get 4 pieces of paper and fold them in half inside of each other.

 2. Sew the four papers together.  I measured 1 inch into the paper and made the two stitches on each end 1 inch long.  Repeat until you have used all of your paper and have 10 sewn packs sections of paper in and out of the holes you have made.  Go back and forth.

4. Mod Podge the end of your bound paper. Put heavy things on top of it and let it dry.  I left mine over night but you probably wouldn't have to.

5.  Cut out pieces of cardboard for your spine and two cover pages.  I just traced a real book.  You can do this while your bound pages are drying.

6. Put your ribbon (starting at the top of your book's spine) and place your fabric scrap covered in mod podge over it.  You want the scrap to be shorter than your book and wider than your spine.  Sorry, I don't measure things so I don't have measurements.  Make your piece of ribbon a little longer than double the length of your book.  You can cut it shorter later.

 7.Cut out your fabric to cover your cardboard pieces.  Make the four edges at least 1 inch longer than the cardboard.  Cover the cardboard in mod podge and place on the back of your fabric.  Leave a small space between cover-spine-cover.

8. Fold and glue the corners of your book onto the cardboard.

9. Fold and glue all four edges over the corners

10. Cover in mod podge and center the bound pages by lining spines together.  Press end pages on both sides of papers onto mod podge.  This will cover the fabric edges and make sure the book stays together.

I put heavy things on top of it again while it dried just to be safe.

 Congrats!  You made your first book!

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