Monday, January 30, 2012

Hot Diggity Vintage!

I have such exciting news!  I am starting up a vintage clothing business: Hot Diggity Vintage! I am so excited to do something that I am so passionate about.  I am mostly going to sell locally, although if someone emails me about a piece that they are interested in from the post, I could probably sell it.  I follow the same rule as if I were buying for myself: Do not buy it unless you love it.  It makes it that much more difficult to sell the clothes because I want to keep them all!  

I have pulled together my favorite pieces for this post, so check them out!

 Navy 1960s peter pan collar dress: Size- small; Price-$30;
 Burlap jacket: Size- small/medium; Price-$25

 Pink Cardigan: Size-any; Price-$10;
 Black dress: Size-small; price-$25;

 Tie blouse: Size-large; Cost-$12; This has never been worn, and still has the original tag!
 Tweed skirt: Size-small; Price-$15
 Red/purple skirt: Size-small; Price-$16;

 Wool skirt +belt: size-x small; price-$20;

Homemade yellow sundress: Size-small; price-$18;

What I Wore: 1-30-12

 I love this comfy, cute outfit!  When I look at these pictures, I realized how long my hair has gotten!  I am planning to get it around my waist- just like Luna Lovegood!  What I really want for my hair is to color it pastel pink!  I love crayon colored hair so much!  In my opinion it shows that you are brave enough to show off your personality and individuality.  One day, hopefully soon, I will achieve my dreams of pretty pink hair.

 Pullover-Forever 21; Shorts-Forever 21; Vintage Via Spiga shoes- Estate sale; Vintage Necklace- Antique  store;

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Alli and I Wore: To the Dance!

 Alli and I played dress up again to go to a stake dance!  See the shoes I am wearing?  Another pair of platform heels I got for Christmas!  Don't worry that you cannot see them so well in the picture, because I can almost promise they will be worn again in the very near future!
Alli's outfit:
Corset-Charlotte Russe; Cardigan-Nordstrom; Shoes-Dillards;
My outfit:
Shirt-Forever 21; Fur Vest-Khols; pants-Khols; Heels-Forever 21;

The Retro Night!

 Alli and I went to a basketball game at our high school on retro night.  Alli's mom was a cheerleader in the 80's and let us borrow her old uniforms!  It is funny, because every time we go out, it seems that Alli and I play dress up!  She loves to go through my closet and lets my mom and me basically treat her like a giant barbie doll, because we do hair, makeup, and put her in my clothes!  I, of course, dress up too!

It's the Little Things...

  • I am back!  I took an unwanted break from blogging, thanks to a (please excuse my unladylike language) stupid, jerk, face who thought it would be a good idea to create a virus that would destroy my computer.
  • Falling in love with the 1920's.  I am reading a series called: The Flappers.  It starts in 1923 and follows four girls.  I love the style and words that they used to use!  This series is highly recommended!
  • I get to super-clean my room after I am finished posting.  This could take a while.
  • Jinxing myself after I was telling family that I have not thrown up since fourth grade.  The next day I got the stomach flu.
  • Living in bed and in front of the TV on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Starting a vintage clothing business!  I will be doing a feature on it later this week!

Sunday's Style: 1-29-12

 Hello friends!  I am ecstatic to be back! Like my outfit?  I got it for Christmas!  I am so sorry for missing out on posting Christmas pictures and a large review of 2011.  There is a chance that I will still review.  I am also going to kick off a new posting series, and share a couple favorite outing outfits with my best friend Alli!
 These shoes were at the top of my Christmas list.  I figured they were just as good as Jeffery Campbell Litas, with a more affordable price.  I have a new found love for platform shoes!

 Dress: Forever 21; Tights: Forever 21; Earrings: Charlotte Russe; Shoes: DSW;

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy to be Back!

I am so excited to announce that after one horribly, lonely month, I am back to blogging!  Right before Christmas, a nasty virus got my computer and...Memory gone.  Pictures gone. Computer gone.  I was so mad! All of my plans for wrapping up 2011 were gone with my computer(but maybe I will still do a review of the year anyway!).  So, I do not blame a single soul who lost faith in me and this little blog after I disappeared from the world wide web- but I promise that if you stick around, you will see amazing new outfits thanks to Christmas and a new blogging series that I have been anticipating to kick off!

Love, love,
                             Oakley Seal