Tuesday, July 24, 2012

List of Ten: Collections

I absolutely adore collecting things!  It makes for such a fun hobby.  
  1. Vintage brooches - I think they fancy up any outfit with so much character!
  2. Collector Barbies- This is a years-old collection.  I have them on display on my shelf in my room.  The vintage inspired or vintage barbies are my all-time favorite!
  3. Yarn.  I hoard yarn.  I love to crochet and the blanket  I am making is completely full of colors with a randomly colored pattern
  4. Antique glass bottles- I must own over a hundred!
  5. Nail polish- A girl can never own too much!
  6. Vintage dresses- Duh!
  7. Vintage fabric- I love it!  When my sewing skills are impressive enough, I will make thousands of 1950s inspired dresses!
  8. Vintage pearl necklaces- I can never get enough of them!  Layering them is my favorite!
  9. Vintage stationery-  Hand written notes are a lost art and it makes me so sad!  That is something that I wish was still around.
  10. Buttons- I love the look of a jar full of buttons.  And when I am able to sew amazing things, this collection will come in handy!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camping with My Family

 We went camping!  This is my first time I can remember camping and staying over night with my family.  I was so excited!  Keep in mind that I don't believe in glamorous camping.  I go without my ipod, cell phone, and makeup.  That is what I call roughin' it.

 There were squirrels and chipmunks everywhere!  They weren't scared of us at all either so it was cool to get so close to them!  But this darn squirrel stole our can of nuts!  He chewed a hole in the lid and took them all!

 We took turns throwing a hatchet at the log.  I wasn't very good but I made it once!  I was so happy because I told everyone I wouldn't stop until I hit the target.
 I was so happy my great grandma came up for the day.  The things she said were hilarious!

This was my sister's first overnight camping trip ever.  We all learned very quickly that she loves fire.  She wouldn't leave it alone the three days we were there!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Went to a Zoo!

I went to a zoo!  I have not been in years and was in complete bliss!  The elephants were my favorite for sure!

 Look at his cute ears!

 I didn't get a chance to get a good picture with the lion fountain. The zoo was so crowded!

What I Wore: Shopping

 Here are some old pictures from when I went to City Creek and vintage clothing stores!  I ended up getting some pretty cute stuff, but nothing vintage.  Darn!
 Dress- Savers
Shoes- Mom's

Weekly Craft: Tote to Backpack DIY

Hello friends!  I wanted to share with you how I did this craft so you can too!  It is super easy and ends up looking great!  Just as a heads-up, I really don't have great sewing techniques and I just took one step at a time and made it work.  If my instructions don't make perfect sense, or your tote is somehow different, I say just wing it!  I have learned a lot this way! (:

  • tote
  • paint (optional)
  • seam ripper/scissors
  • drawstring
  • safety pin
  • needle
  • thread
  • tape & cup (optional)

1. Get your tote and if you want, decorate it first! I will show you how I decorated mine:

 2. Cut the front strap of the tote off and unpick the squares left so you can thread your drawstring.  If the second strap is too long for a handle like mine was, unpick one side, cut it, and sew it back on with the desired length.

3. Attach a safety pin to the end of your drawstring.  Thread it through.  When you hit the sides that have been sewn together, just cut a hole on each side of the seam and go around it.

4. Use your seam ripper to make a clean, small, straight rip in the back for the straps (two on top, two on the bottom). Insert three of the scraps into the hole and tie them in a knot on the inside of your bag/ backpack.  Sew around the rip to make sure the hole does not get any bigger.  Braid the straps and insert the braid into the bottom hole and tie another knot. Be sure to make sure you like the length of the straps and sew this hole as well.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I Wore: 7-12-12

 Shhh!  These jeans were bought strictly for school!  I just had a strange urge to wear jeans today, which, if you know me, is very strange indeed.

 I couldn't resist writing 'Andy' on my boot.  I loved Toy Story as a kid!

 Button up- D.I.
Jeans- Savers
Boots- Antique store
Vintage necklace- Estate sale

Weekly Craft: Antique Jewelry Picture Frame

I have been collecting vintage broken jewelry to decorate a picture frame!  It took a while, but I finally did it!   To fill in the empty spaces I used pearls and rhinestones.  This was so fun!  I need to start collecting to make another!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore: 7-11-12

 As much as I tried, I could not get Harley to stay in the pictures.  She only made it in for the first two.

I love my hair!  I styled it like Marilyn Monroe's.  I made sure when I cut it that I could get it that way.  I feel inspired all over again.  Especially with my wiggle dress.  It proved its name when I drove today and getting in and out of the car was quite a task.  It requires much wiggle.

 Vintage Dress- Boutique;
Vintage Pearls- Garage Sale;
Vintage Shoes- Estate Sale;
Vintage Purse- Estate Sale;
On another note, I spent my day driving around looking for jobs.  The first place I went?  My favorite boutique- Dear Lizzie.  My family is sick of hearing me gush about how wonderful it would be to work there, and how I would never leave with a pay check.  Well, guess what?  They hired two weeks ago.  My dream gone could have been my job in reality.  I was told that they are always accepting resumes. I am going to type that sucker up and deliver it to the store pronto.  I am not giving up any time soon!