Sunday, July 1, 2012

June in Review

June was so busy!  I went to St. George for a week and a half, and I spent another half of a week driving for my road test!  I have had so many sleepovers, and stayed up until the very early hours of the morning!  I can only imagine what life will be like with a license!

Favorite outfit:
The new cardigan makes me so happy!  I love the pocket design and how soft it is!
This homemade dress has instantly became a favorite.  I love how it is completely eyelet so I can layer it with whatever I want.  The sheer style in really in right now so it fits in perfectly!

Favorite hair:

I got bangs and put pink in my hair!  As big of a pain as the bangs are, it was nice to have a change. But I have gotten bored again!  I need a bigger change in my hair.

Favorite event:

My trip to St. George, of course!

Favorite project:
I am working hard on my blanket and it has gotten pretty big!

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