Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camping with My Family

 We went camping!  This is my first time I can remember camping and staying over night with my family.  I was so excited!  Keep in mind that I don't believe in glamorous camping.  I go without my ipod, cell phone, and makeup.  That is what I call roughin' it.

 There were squirrels and chipmunks everywhere!  They weren't scared of us at all either so it was cool to get so close to them!  But this darn squirrel stole our can of nuts!  He chewed a hole in the lid and took them all!

 We took turns throwing a hatchet at the log.  I wasn't very good but I made it once!  I was so happy because I told everyone I wouldn't stop until I hit the target.
 I was so happy my great grandma came up for the day.  The things she said were hilarious!

This was my sister's first overnight camping trip ever.  We all learned very quickly that she loves fire.  She wouldn't leave it alone the three days we were there!

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