Tuesday, July 24, 2012

List of Ten: Collections

I absolutely adore collecting things!  It makes for such a fun hobby.  
  1. Vintage brooches - I think they fancy up any outfit with so much character!
  2. Collector Barbies- This is a years-old collection.  I have them on display on my shelf in my room.  The vintage inspired or vintage barbies are my all-time favorite!
  3. Yarn.  I hoard yarn.  I love to crochet and the blanket  I am making is completely full of colors with a randomly colored pattern
  4. Antique glass bottles- I must own over a hundred!
  5. Nail polish- A girl can never own too much!
  6. Vintage dresses- Duh!
  7. Vintage fabric- I love it!  When my sewing skills are impressive enough, I will make thousands of 1950s inspired dresses!
  8. Vintage pearl necklaces- I can never get enough of them!  Layering them is my favorite!
  9. Vintage stationery-  Hand written notes are a lost art and it makes me so sad!  That is something that I wish was still around.
  10. Buttons- I love the look of a jar full of buttons.  And when I am able to sew amazing things, this collection will come in handy!

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