Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recent Finds

 Yesterday my mom, sister and I went to Savers!  For me, school shopping gets done slowly throughout the summer so it is never too early to start!
 Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot.  There was hardly any vintage which is what I go for.
 I love my vintage new skirt!  This was the only vintage skirt I found.
 Lovely vintage shoes!  I am so happy I ran into these because Harley just ate the big flower off of my other black flats.  Good dog.
 Vintage shoes!
 More vintage shoes!
 I love this jacket!  It isn't vintage but the colors are so fun!  Harley's tail was in the picture and I had no idea until I uploaded the picture.  Please excuse her.
 Here are some black shorts.  I have some already, but  I wanted longer ones.
And finally, True Religion jeans.  Because I do not own any good- fitting jeans and my mom is convinced that I can not run around In skirts shorts and dresses all the time.  Challenge accepted.

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