Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore: 7-11-12

 As much as I tried, I could not get Harley to stay in the pictures.  She only made it in for the first two.

I love my hair!  I styled it like Marilyn Monroe's.  I made sure when I cut it that I could get it that way.  I feel inspired all over again.  Especially with my wiggle dress.  It proved its name when I drove today and getting in and out of the car was quite a task.  It requires much wiggle.

 Vintage Dress- Boutique;
Vintage Pearls- Garage Sale;
Vintage Shoes- Estate Sale;
Vintage Purse- Estate Sale;
On another note, I spent my day driving around looking for jobs.  The first place I went?  My favorite boutique- Dear Lizzie.  My family is sick of hearing me gush about how wonderful it would be to work there, and how I would never leave with a pay check.  Well, guess what?  They hired two weeks ago.  My dream gone could have been my job in reality.  I was told that they are always accepting resumes. I am going to type that sucker up and deliver it to the store pronto.  I am not giving up any time soon!

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