Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Real: Life Lately

I have been absent again, I know.  But the last three days I have spent driving for my road test.  At my school, there are three teachers you could get assigned to.  I, unfortunately, for anyone who knows the teachers, got Coach Rice.  He is a very tough cookie.  And he scares me to death.  

One example of why I call him a tough cookie is because he asked me (as I was driving on the freeway), "How much was that iced tea on the sign?" ... I couldn't tell him.  So while driving I started to watch the signs.  "What color was the writing on the hat on the side of the road?" ... again, I could not answer.  "What did you just pass on the side of the road?"  and I could finally give him the right answer!  It was a tractor for sale. "What color was the napkin sitting next to it?"  ... are you kidding me?! The writing and the napkin were both blue for those who were curious.

Today was my final day, and the day of the actual test.  I was convinced  I was going to fail and to tell you the truth, I completely blacked out.  I could not tell you what I did right or wrong.  I cannot remember what I did!  And... guess what?  I passed!  I get my license on Monday (:

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