Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • I had so much fun with my best friend Lauren celebrating her sweet sixteenth birthday!   I took her to an estate sale yesterday morning and later her family took me to the dinosaur museum!  I had not been there in years!  I forgot how incredible and fun it is!  Later we played Mario Brothers on her Wii and ate scones for dinner!  I hope you had an incredible day Lauren!
  • I accidentally shut Lauren's cat in the fridge.  We got scones out of her fridge and she grabbed chocolate milk and I shut the door.  Thirty seconds later she opened the door to put the milk away and he was sitting in there.  That could have been a disaster!
  • School is over!  I ended up only going to school once this week.  Happy summer everyone! 
  • My art teacher lost my best drawing.  It was actually life-like!  I was so upset when he couldn't find it!  But he still had the other two so it could have been worse...
  • I didn't get a yearbook for my first year in high school.  My mom forgot to order one for me and they are sold out.  So I brought a notebook and made friends sign that.  I am not giving up!  That year book is something I want so bad.  I emailed my school and asked if there is any way I can order it online and get it later.  Here's to hoping!

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