Monday, May 28, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • Golly, I don't even know how many days of blogging I have missed due to computer problems.  
  • Said computer problems are the reason I have been absent.  Again.
  • My mom and sister went out of town this weekend so it has just been me and my dad!
  • So, there was an accident with my hair and I now have a completely new hairstyle!  It is about time, because I was getting very bored!
  • I have finally seen The Avengers!  It was really good!
  • Two more days of school!  Well, school ended for me a month ago.  And I have been skipping random classes all last week.  But I just have two yearbook days and SUMMER!
  • I feel like a pink barbie doll thanks to my hair!

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