Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • I went to my first dance!  It was so so fun!  We went to dinner and danced all night!
  • My first dance was my first date! You would not believe how many pictures were taken.  I felt like I was on a stage because so many people were there taking so many pictures!
  • It was a blind date!  I had never met Nate before going to prom! It was an adventure!
  • I wore a vintage dress!  My dress was from the 1950s!  I loved it so much!  It did unfortunately prove to  be a problem, though.  I know my limits!  I will never wear a 23 inch waist again!  I felt like i was being sucked in by a corset! The lines on my tummy left over say enough.
  • Happy birthday Mom!  
  • I got to decorate the kitchen for her birthday!  I realized now why no one decorated the kitchen for my birthday!  It is because I do all of the decorating while my dad and sister blew up balloons!

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