Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Wore: 5-15-12

 Today was an incredible day!  It started off with me waking up to not insane messed-up hair.  I slept on it wet and expected it to be a nightmare. Not so, dear readers! Pahahaha success!

This is an outfit that belonged to my grandma before she gave it to me with the rule that I had to wear it to school! I love it so!  I still cannot believe it has escaped my blog for this long.

vintage skirt & shirt- my grandma's
vintage pearl earrings- estate sale
vintage pearl bracelets-estate sale
Yesterday I was absent because right after school I went to a woman's house that if full of so many beautiful treasures!  She is in her 90s and her daughter is trying to clean out her house.  When I say she had collections, I mean she had tons and tons of things.  Like doubles of $200 shoes from 1950.  And a room so full of vintage fabric you could barely walk in it.  Lets not even get started on her old clothes.  I died inside looking at them!  Any way, I was there because she is friends with one of my aunts and she called my mom and told her to bring my sister and me to see if there was anything we wanted.  I left with a car full with vintage clothing and fabric!  I cannot wait to wear them!

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