Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I Wore: 5-12-12

 Glory!  It's a weekend!  I was quite the lazy bum today.  I didn't get ready for the day until it was almost six pm!  I went to a family barbecue and ate lots of yummy food and got to visit with my grandparents who came down from St. George for the weekend!

 I have tied my hair.  Remember the crazy long hair wraps I did here?  Well this is similar.  That little butterfly is a broken earring that I attached to my wrap. I actually want to let it turn into a real literal dread lock.  But with my mother I know she will make me take it out before that happens.   I am getting bored with my hair all over again.  Can I have just one dread lock? Pink hair?  Something!?
Necklace-estate sale
assorted rings-thrifted
assorted bracelets-thrifted

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