Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I Wore: 5-17-12

 This is the first of the dresses I got on Monday! It is so beautiful!  A funny story comes with this dress.  The daughter of the woman who's house is being cleaned out gave this dress to my little sister, Avery.  She thought it was a little girl's dress but when Avery tried it on when we got home it was too big.  It was.  It was meant for a lady because it had a space for boobs that fell flat on her!  So I sneaked it on because I was told it was not for me because I would rip the seams.  It fits wonderfully. Not too small or too big!  Take that world.  Too bad my mom said it is still Avery's dress.

I feel like such a cool lady in this dress!  So girly and fun!
 So... this is my fail of trying to do a close up of the collar.  I was supposed to cut my  head out of the shot.  So have an up-the-nose picture of me instead (:
 Vintage dress-Lets call it an estate sale(:
Vintage earrings-estate sale
Vintage purse-estate sale

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