Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • This week led to the first spiders and flies in my room.  WHY!?
  • This morning the flies described above woke me up at 7am.
  • Last night I went to see Dark Shadows with Anna's family!
  • I accidentally dropped the lid to their fancy movie cups during the movie and after we spent ten minutes trying to find it!  Guess where is was?  Right where we looked at least twenty times.
  • I got my PLAN testing back and I did really well!
  • I have finished City of Lost Souls!  It was so good!  And frustrating!  I loved it!
  • I can add yet another bruise to my collection-because I tried to go down a slide and missed.  Don't ask how.  Just know that this is my first time ever doing it. And hopefully my last.  
  • My other bruises came from falling down the stairs twice this week and walking into the corner of my bed post.  You could say I am clumsy.

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