Tuesday, June 5, 2012

List of Ten: Artists I Listen to

I love music so much!  I sing (probably not so well) all over the house!  Most of my favorite songs just so happen to be oldies!

  1. Angus and Julia Stone- They are one of the few modern day artists that I love so much!  Of course, no one really knows who they are because they are Australian so ...
  2. Kay Starr- She was popular in the 1950s.  I love her song Rock and Roll Waltz!  It is just so happy and fun!
  3. Perry Como- I love Hot Diggity!  That song was what I named my blog (and shop) after!  
  4. Doris Day- Her movies are so cute and so is her music!  I love Que Sera! 
  5. Dean Martin- Ain't that a Kick in the Head is such a good song!
  6. Gogi Grant- My favorite is Wayward Wind
  7. Ella Fitzgerald- I love Cheek to Cheek!
  8. The Beach Boys!  They are playing at The Stadium of Fire this year.  I want to go so so bad!!!
  9. Kansas- I love Carry on My Wayward Son.
  10. Aerosmith- Okay, I love Steven Tyler!  Too bad I'm not into American Idol...  I love their music so much!  My favorite is definitely Rag Doll!
So you can see my love of all things old, yes?  I love the old lifestyle, clothes, music, cars, houses, everything!  My friends always poke fun at me because I will just sort of sing to myself during lunch and the songs are always silly oldies!  I wont even notice that people are staring at me.  Or maybe I am just used to getting strange looks?  Hmm....  

2-6 remind me of my grandma and grandpa in St. George because that is what we listen to when I stay with her during the summer!  And speaking of, I really hope I get to go stay with my grandparents soon!

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