Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's the Little Things

  • I cleaned out my room.   Closets, under my bed, Dressers, everything.  I threw so so much away.  I know I have a problem with keeping things I really don't need for sentimental reasons...but it is so much better! I think I may be over that little habit.
  • I packed for St. George and slightly messed it up again.  Shoot.
  • I have started my drawing assignments for AP Art in a new drawing notebook with new pencils!  
  • My newest project is a crocheted blanket!  I have pictures going up on ye olde blogge soon!
  • I spent Thursday hanging out with my grandparents!  My mom, my sister, and I met up with my grandma to visit my great grandma in the home she is in.  We stayed until after lunch time laughing at all of the silly things she says.  Later we drove to Gardener Village to look around the shops and to eat a late lunch.  When we went to her house after we dropped our things for five minutes to rest and then got back in the car with my grandpa this time to see the camp site we will be staying at next month with a ton of family!  I am so excited now!  All the drive up and back we listened to my grandpa's amazing music collection.  I love the 1950s and 60s music.  So much!
  • I am in St. George right now.  Excellent.  I cannot wait to share all of my fun pictures with you guys!

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