Tuesday, August 7, 2012

List of Ten: Things I will Miss About Summer

  1. No school-  I like school a very large portion of the time.  I am just not ready to give up summer quite yet.
  2. No homework- Seriously.  I could live my whole life without it and be a happy person.
  3. Swimsuits- I love to go swimming.  When it gets colder...you don't swim.
  4. Lazy days- I get all of the hours of the day and I get to do whatever I want with them.
  5. Crafting- When there are so many more hours in the summer you can craft more!
  6. No alarm-  Nothing more to say.
  7. School shopping- School shopping starts the day after school gets out.  I believe that school is a fashion show and should be treated like so.
  8. Warm-  I am not a cold person.  I love it when it is 80 degrees. 
  9. Shorts-  As I mentioned last year, there were a couple times where the french teacher at my high school did not approve of my shorts.  I still will never understand why she picks on me instead of the girls that like their bums to show.
  10. Adventures- What is it about Summer that makes adventuring so much more fun?

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