Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I Wore: The prettiest backpack I ever did see

 Happy birthday to me!  Lauren bought me a backpack!  Now, it isn't my birthday quite yet.  It is on the 23rd.  I have been without a backpack since December.  My original backpack broke.  Both straps were completely fell off.  For a while I just wore it with one strap.  Thank you so much Lauren!

 Everyone loves my backpack at school.  They all say:  Hey!  I saw that!  It looks so cute, I think I will go buy it!  I don't really know how a girl expects another girl to react to this.  I have just been smiling on the outside, but on the inside I think: No! If more than a  couple people has the same backpack, what makes it special?  Like feathers.  They were cool when they first started showing up, but everyone had them.  It got overdone, and they aren't so cool anymore. It has been two days and probably thirty girls have said they are going to buy it.  Lets just hope no one actually buys it.

 Shirt-Dear Lizzy; Shoes-DSW;  Vintage pink pearls-estate sale;

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  1. im gushing over your backpack!!!
    if only i had somewhere to go that needed the use of one =[