Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ten Reasons Why:

I have been really thinking about school, with grades and registration these last two weeks.  I registered yesterday for next year's classes.  I am getting good grades... but I do not want to go to my high school.  My grandparents who live in St. George first put the thought in my head to go live with them and go to the performing arts high school last year when I stayed with them for two weeks.  At first I just blew off the idea because it sounded crazy.  Now, I want to go more than anything.  Here is why:

  1. It is a performing arts school  I am sure It will not be like on TV, but it does sound much more fun than a typical high school.  Besides, I am more artistic anyway for sure.
  2. It is so warm in St. George  I know I mentioned my hatred for the cold.
  3. I can navigate St. George better than anywhere else I have ever been, including my hometown.  When my aunt uncle and cousin take me, I can take them just about anywhere.
  4. It wouldn't cost any tuition.  It is a free school!
  5. I adore dancing.  I used to be on a dance team last year, before I took a break.
  6. I also love to sing in the shower...lessons could benefit anyone. 
  7. My dad wants me to start acting again like I used to.  I was Tinkerbell in Peter Pan and Alice in Alice in Wonderland.  I loved to act before junior high school (the black hole of your life) ripped out any confidence I entered with.  Confidence returned.
  8. They focus on the arts.  Including drawing. Sound like me yet?
  9. St. George just makes me very happy.  I always seem to be happiest in St. George. It is relaxing, slow paced and small.  Just my style.
  10. This could be a fresh start for me ...and sometimes that seems like something I could use.
There really is not anything wrong with where I live currently. I have great friends and live in a great neighborhood.  It would be so sad to tell everyone goodbye.  But this is a once in  a lifetime chance.  Once I leave high school...I cannot go to a performing arts high school!  Maybe I sound crazy to some but oh my word!  I want this so bad.

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