Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I Wore 12-19-11

Yesterday was such a fun and productive day for me! My grandma came down and she and my mom took me to get my drivers permit! I can now legally drive the roads of Utah! Scary, hu? We also took back some fabric that had stains on it. Uugh. With the new fabric and the help of my amazing Great Aunt Jackie....I sewed a wrap dress! It is not completely finished. She sent me home with homework of course, but I am so grateful! I learned more from her in that one day than what I learned this entire semester in sewing class. Now, I just need a vintage slip to wear with it! Maybe for Christmas? We will soon find out! Today is going to be more of a break day, after running around so much yesterday. (Which I am happy to take!) Here are some more of my thrifty/estate sale finds! I fell in love with this skirt before I even tried it on, so when it fit, I knew I had to get it! It matches the shoes perfectly! Also, lets take a look at that cape. Maybe certain family members reading this will recognise it? This is my Grandma Enid's cape! I was so happy to walk around wearing it!

More Christmas nails! The thumb is a little messy. I guess that is what happens when you try to get dressed with wet nails.

My outfit was a bit cold for a day that snowed in December. OK, so I was freezing. I just could not wait to wear it though. Waiting for it to come home from the dry cleaners was difficult enough. Vintage skirt-Thrifted; Shirt-Thrifted; Vintage Shoes-Thrifted; Vintage cape- Grandma's; Vintage Earings-Thrifted; Vintage Bracelet-Thrifted

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  1. For whatever reason I thought I had been following this blog! you're so cute, this outfit is great! Now I can officially say that I am one of your followers!

    Happy Holidays!